Ukraine call from some countries in the UN Security Council to Russia!

Ukraine call from some countries in the UN Security Council to Russia!

A session was held at the UNSC on the occasion of the second anniversary of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine.

French Minister of Foreign Affairs Stephane Sejourne stated that only Russia wanted the war in Ukraine and that Russia was responsible for it, adding: “Russia could end the war right now if it wanted to, but it prefers not to do so by not withdrawing its soldiers from Ukraine.” said.

Noting that the war started by Russia affected many people, Sejourne stated that the food and energy crisis especially affected the countries in the most difficult situation.

“This war is illegal and violates the UN Charter,” Sejourne said. he emphasized.

Stating that he condemns the killing of civilians, rape and torture in the strongest terms, Sejourne said, “These crimes should not go unpunished.” said.


British Foreign Secretary David Cameron targeted Russian President Vladimir Putin and accused him of invading a sovereign country of the UN.

Arguing that Putin did this without any legitimate reason or threat from Ukraine, Cameron said, “Putin once said that this was a war between brothers. What kind of absurd logic is this that caused so much loss of life? Russia is a permanent member of the UN Security Council.” Is it fulfilling its responsibilities in the name of international peace and security? How many more ridiculous excuses will they give to justify the occupation? You say that Ukraine is an existential threat, then you say that Ukraine does not actually exist. Are you fighting NATO or the Nazis? Only the Putin regime “He’s behaving like Nazis.” he said.

Cameron stated that all UN members were exposed to the effects of the Ukraine war and said, “If we make one country believe that it can invade another country without penalty, then a terrible situation will arise in which every country can face this situation.” made his assessment.

Underlining that the borders of UN member states cannot be violated, Cameron said, “Therefore, we must ensure that Putin fails. We must not give up and stand strong.” said.


US Permanent Representative to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield also stated that Russia’s “lies” were seen despite all its efforts and added: “Putin is trying to rewrite history with lies. In this way, he wants to break the resistance of the Ukrainian people and the international community.” he said.

Underlining that this should not be allowed to happen, Greenfield stated that Ukraine is trying to prevent Putin’s invasion and continues to strive to feed the world.

Greenfield stated that the international community should support Ukraine and said, “If Russia lays down its weapons today, the war in Ukraine will end. There is only one aggressor in this war and only one side can end the war.” made his assessment.


Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, stated that today’s meeting was organized by Western states and had the same purpose as last year’s meeting.

Stating that the foreign ministers were “dragged” to New York last year and made the same statements, Nebenzia argued that Ukraine was a complete failure.

Nebenzia stated that “the West continues to pump weapons into Ukraine” and claimed that the Ukrainian government lacks independence and is corrupt.

Noting that the European Union has become “a satellite” of the United States, Nebenzia noted that the Union has paid a very serious financial price and continues its anti-Russian propaganda.


Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba said, “Russia’s name is now associated with aggression, war crimes and barbarism.” said.

Kuleba noted that only by acting together can the “aggressor” be stopped and international peace and security can be rebuilt.

Reminding that he warned Russia just before its “occupation” of Ukraine, Kuleba said, “Those who did not listen to me that day, please listen today. Either we stop Russia in Ukraine today, or we will witness the fire that will take millions of lives in other parts of the world.” he said.


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