Ukrainian air defense – how does Ukraine shoot down drones — UNIAN

Ukrainian air defense – how does Ukraine shoot down drones — UNIAN

They told the details of their work.

Ukrainian servicemen protecting the sky in the ranks of anti-aircraft defense forces spoke in more detail about their work.

TSN communicated with fighters of mobile air defense groups. They say that after the announcement of the air alert, they get into their cars, drive to the position and start observation. The first group, consisting of a driver and a gunner, works with the American portable anti-aircraft missile complex Stinger. The military said that it was directed at cruise missiles, airplanes, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The second group is armed with the British portable anti-aircraft missile complex Martlet. According to the fighters, drones and missiles are shot down from it. In the spring of last year, with the help of MANPADS, the Russian UAV “Orlan” was destroyed for the first time, and already a dozen drones of the “Shahed” type are already on its account.

The military say that they go on duty and during the takeoffs of the Russian MiG-31s, which can stay in the sky for several hours: the plane can be a “diverting maneuver”, because at this time the occupiers are able to launch missiles from ships into the sea.

Russian attacks: the latest news

Let us remind you that in the evening the Russian Zaharab troops attacked Ukraine with the help of drones, and also launched rockets in the direction of the Dnieper.

In a number of regions, an air alert was sounded for several hours, and it was also reported about the operation of anti-aircraft defense by Russian UAVs.

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