Ultimate Innotech Company Limited joins hands with “Man Garin” to launch the product for nourishing, improving, and correcting eyesight, U-Proviw.

Ultimate Innotech Company Limited joins hands with “Man Garin” to launch the product for nourishing, improving, and correcting eyesight, U-Proviw.

On February 11, 2024, Ultimate Innotech Company Limited joined hands with Khun Man. Karin, actor and numerology expert has launched a new product, U-Proviw, a product for nourishing, improving, and correcting eyes that comes from natural extracts with patented technology from America, providing safety and confidence for people of all genders and ages who need to use their eyesight for a long time.

Ultimate Innotech Company Limited is a company that focuses on producing dietary supplements for the health of Thai people. And currently, the company has produced up to 35 products that help take care of the health of Thai people since the first year the company was founded. And recently the company has joined hands with Mr. Man Garin, an actor and expert in numerology. Launched the 36th new product called U-Proviw, a product that comes with patented technology from America Optilut (Optilut), a unique technology that uses lutein extracts from marigold flowers. out so that the body can absorb it quickly This makes it possible to nourish, treat, and fix various eye problems quickly and is also safe without residue because it uses natural calendula extracts that are not genetically modified. In addition, there are many other natural extracts such as bilberry, blackcurrant, goji berry, sea buckthorn, vitamin A acetate, etc. Extracts that help in nourishing the eyes almost all

by Mr. Patsamon Tharawitnathakul The Chief Executive Officer said, “Althimet Innotech Company Limited has the ambition to see every Thai person have strong health in every aspect and the problem of eyesight in this era is resolved. This can be considered another big problem that occurs with people of all genders and ages. Whether it’s teenagers, vendors, including elderly people. Because in this day and age we cannot deny that our daily life requires us to carry these devices every day. Until we often forget to take care of our eyes. Therefore, the company and Mr. Man Karin therefore recognizes the importance of this aspect by releasing products.

U-Proviw that will help solve eye problems, whether it’s double vision, blurred vision. seeing black dots Distorted color vision, cataracts, cataracts, glaucoma, dry eyes, eye inflammation, eye irritation, eyes allergic to light, as well as helping to reduce stress on the brain when using the eyes for a long time.”

Mr. Man Karin added that “Man himself is a person who has eye problems. One of Man’s eyes is always red due to his hard work. Until Man wanted a good product to help take care of his eyes. And during that time, Man himself got to know P’Nice who wanted to create products for the eyes that were truly effective and safe. Therefore, Man felt interested. And after trying it on himself, Man’s red eyes gradually improved. Plus, Man had the opportunity to add his own personality by using the science of numbers that Man is good at, into this product. Man has chosen to have a total of 9 types of extracts in U-Proviw to make it an auspicious number for everyone who wants to overcome the problems of existing illnesses. Because Man wants everyone to check their horoscopes and don’t forget to check your eyes as well.”

For those interested in U-Proviw, the product is now available. Those interested can order and ask for additional details at Line Official: @UltimateInnotech and Fanpage Facebook: Ultimate Innotech, the company’s main page, and Facebook Group: Ultimate Innotech – the main group of the company. From today onwards


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