Understand and reach..7 main people

Understand and reach..7 main people

According to research, it is very difficult for people aged 70 and over to continue living their lives. Because during the age of 70-75, the physical condition will deteriorate rapidly due to the following 3 things.

1. An old mind (mentally deteriorating). A mind that is discouraged and deteriorates causes the body that is not yet ready to deteriorate. Will regress before time because the mind is the cause. The mind is discouraged and regressed, resulting in emotions, feelings, and physical condition deteriorating, being uneasy and unhappy.

2. Loss of confidence: People over 70 often lack confidence. Think you don’t have the ability Unable to keep up with the world, keep up with society, often think that they have been abandoned by society. The more he will feel that he is worthless, that he is of no use at all.

In this fast-paced world I am unable to pay via mobile phone. or use tools that society is using Not keeping up with the world, not being able to make it, and even worse. I still feel abandoned by my children and grandchildren. Talking ignorantly with your children and grandchildren, not being able to keep up with them makes you want to be alone. Don’t talk to anyone, keep to yourself in this kind of situation. If left untreated, it can easily cause illness. Because of a hopeless state of mind This group of people often misses their partner who has passed away. They are missing their partner and their life is not the same as before. There was a disruption. It’s difficult to continue living life. If unable to adapt Soon you will see someone who just left. Soon the other person will also leave.

3. A feeling of losing one’s identity. Over the age of 70, feeling like you are no longer important. Not a leader anymore become someone else lead Tell him to do it. Especially if your health is not good. You have to let someone else take care of you. He will feel even more. I didn’t get what I wanted, I felt ashamed that I couldn’t do anything. loss of honor And becomes a burden on children, society, worthless, meaningless, depressed. This type of behavior if unable to adjust one’s mental state. It will make the situation even worse than before.

Basic story.. Friends who are not too far away, not close to reaching the age of 7, have forwarded it to each other to read with demands that Groups of friends who used to meet up to eat or do yoga are “forbidden” to stop the activities they used to gather together!!!

Because ..together we can live for a long time..for sure, if we separate, whose way will it be? It is highly likely that it will wither and die..according to research results.

Therefore, we must prepare our bodies in advance. For people who are currently at the 6th digit like a human being. Moreover, what you have to accept is Symptoms of concern for children and grandchildren So much so that he had to revert back to being a “jaew” in the house even though he should have been able to spend the little time he had left at his discretion when he was retired.

Think about it. Then prepare yourself for a new world in the age of freckles. ..It’s better.


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