Unveiling the new design of the nature bridge until Eid al-Fitr

Unveiling the new design of the nature bridge until Eid al-Fitr

According to the reporter of Jam Jam Online-Khuzestan, Rasul Jameei stated in a press conference on the sidelines of the first narrative of service exhibition (comprehensive exhibition of Ahvaz Metropolitan Municipality’s urban management): Considering that Kianshahr is one of the newly built neighborhoods of Ahvaz, it is one of the most important policies of Region 2. It is considered to be on the axis of development, which has been delayed for various reasons, especially the implementation of sewage, but with the efforts made, the sewage system is in a good condition and is progressing.

The director of the 2nd district of Ahvaz municipality said: Considering the backwardness of Kianshahr in recent years, measures were taken in this area, the most basic of which is the project of transferring raw water from the river to Kianshahr, whose pump house was built in the 80s. And a contract of 22 billion was closed.

He stated that one of the reasons for the lack of green space in Kianshahr is the lack of raw water and said: In Kianshahr, there is raw water from Mohedin, from the main boulevard to the large square, the rest of the parks use purified water, and due to the low pressure, it is suitable for development. There is no green space, so the raw water contract was closed.

The director of the 2nd district of Ahvaz municipality said: Four new parks have been started in Kianshahr and their contracts have been closed. Unfortunately, the parks of Kianshahr have not yet been named and are introduced using their neighborhood names.

Jamei added: A call for elements was given for Shahid Behnam Mohammadi Square, and in this call, 12 designs were presented, and after the final selection of the design, it went for implementation, and God willing, this element will be installed in 1403. Also, the improvement of Imam Khomeini Square has been completed and the contract worth 1.1 billion tomans will be completed by the end of the year.

He stated that an amount of 92 billion tomans will be spent on green space development projects by the end of 1403 and clarified that there is no land for green space development in Kianpars and Kian Abad regions, but there is enough land for green space use in Kianshahr region. If we don’t turn it into a green space, citizens will use it in a different way, or even government agencies will change its use, and as a result, we will lose it.

The director of the 2nd district of Ahvaz municipality, referring to the asphalting of the Kianshahr region, said: this region did not have many dirt roads, therefore a contract of 12 billion tomans has been signed and the contractor has started the work, and the asphalting operation will be completed this week, God willing. Of course, it should be noted that we asphalt streets that have more than 50% residents, because if it is less than this, the asphalt will be destroyed during construction.

Jamei continued: 80% of the old areas such as Laleh and Laden have been repaired and asphalted, Basijian, Shujaat, Shafaat, Yas and the main streets have been completely repaired. God willing, we will have microsurfacing in the spring of next year and the rest. We will asphalt the streets that have the most problems.

He added: In order to reduce accidents, traffic geometry and equipment are being modified as usual in Kianshahr.

The director of the 2nd district of Ahvaz municipality said about the island park: We will have a 350-meter dry floor fountain with elements and light games and 1,600 lighted roses on Shahada Street. Due to the fact that one of the cables broke, the park was not used during the holidays, repairs were made to the wooden park, toilets, etc., and it will be reopened at the end of the year.

Jamei added: After a long time, a contract was signed with one of the companies regarding a 42-hectare park with a capacity of 35 armed forces and a rescue unit, and now we are in the third month, which is free of hookahs and vendors, and people can easily visit this park. to use Its lighting was restored to some extent, but next year we plan to completely restore this park.

Referring to the nature bridge, he said: complete flooring, painting and new lighting with a special design that will be implemented for the first time in Iran was tendered for the amount of 20 billion tomans, which did not have a winner in the first stage, that’s why probably on Eid night. We did not reach our desired plan, but God willing, we can prepare the work for Eid al-Fitr, but the restoration of the bridge has been done on a temporary basis.

The director of the 2nd region of Ahvaz municipality stated that we have planned the basic repair and reconstruction of sanitary services at the regional level and clarified: the contractor of this project has won, but considering that it will not be possible to do it before Nowruz, the services that had major problems will be repaired. but it will be completely renovated after Nowruz holidays.


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