Urge a clear answer by suspending Thaksin’s sentence.

Urge a clear answer by suspending Thaksin’s sentence.

Dharma Army – PDRC invades the Ministry of Justice Requesting clarification on suspending Thaksin’s sentence on February 18th on the advisory side. Minister of Justice explains Those whose sentences have been suspended are still being considered by the sub-committee, prompting the media to ask “Tawee” if “Thaksin” receives a suspended sentence, must the Corrections release him immediately? But he admits that the prosecutor must talk with the correctional institution about the sequestration process in the Section 112 case.

On February 12, 2024, in front of the Ministry of Justice building, Chaengwattana Road, Bangkok, the Thailand Reform Students Network (CDC), the People’s Center for Institutional Protection (CDC), and the Dhamma Army Together they came to submit a letter protesting the suspension of the sentence of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister. The group of people stated that they would like to meet with Pol. Col. Thawee Sodsong, Minister of Justice. To protest that Mr. Thaksin will receive a suspended sentence after midnight on February 17th as shown in the news.

Mr. Phichit Chaiyamongkol, leader of the Student People’s Reform Network of Thailand Speech from a car equipped with a loudspeaker that today marks 178 days since Mr. Thaksin, an absolute prisoner in a corruption case, has not been in prison for even a single day. who is not the accused But they are prisoners who do not go to prison at all. So how can Mr. Thaksin be suspended if he hasn’t been punished for a day? Give privileges to one person without taking the law into consideration But take Thaksin as the starting point. Then bring all the rules to help. Today there are thousands of names listed to receive parole. which the Department of Corrections will send to the Minister of Justice The PDRC does not object or cause other prisoners to lose their rights as alleged. PDRC, we came to oppose Thaksin alone.

He said Pol.Col. Thawee acted as Thaksin’s spokesman. Instead of enforcing the law and being the justice At the same time, he also explained the case of Mr. Thaksin being in the police hospital. Without being in that prison being in hospital It’s like being in prison. If you think like that, why don’t you take Thaksin? in prison Why would you stay in the hospital to make him scold you?

While Mr. Somboon Muangklam, Advisor to the Minister of Justice is a representative to receive the matter and reveals that the names of all prisoners who will receive suspended sentences are still in the process of being submitted to the Minister of Justice, but traditionally we do not tell them first. Because it is a violation of him. And even if offered, some people may not be eligible. Revealing it beforehand can have an impact. In the past, the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Corrections have never issued a statement. But it will appear only after he is released.

“Even if the day of suspension falls on Saturday or Sunday, We must release prisoners according to their rights. after midnight on the day of suspension of punishment It was his day. Therefore, the correctional institution has no right to continue the inmate’s stay. But to stay was a matter of agreement and that the next day he might be able to be released. Therefore, I cannot yet answer whether the prisoners will be able to be released at midnight on the day of their suspension or not. Because it depends on the facts of each person.”

Mr. Somboon continued that For the normal suspension of punishment, the sub-committee There will be a meeting every month. And there will be a list of names from prisons or correctional institutions across the country that have passed the criteria. More than 1,000 names are submitted to the Minister of Justice every month for consideration. But the most is the suspension of normal sentences, approximately 500-800 cases, but the suspension of sentences in the case of special circumstances. There will be illness, being over 70 years old, or entering a vocational skills training program. These groups will have a smaller number than the group that receives suspension in normal cases, but together the two groups total almost 1,000 people every time. It is not that the subcommittee Will consider and approve every person to receive a suspended sentence. Because representatives from 19 agencies must carefully consider

As for the arrest of Mr. Thaksin from the Section 112 case of the police. The Royal Thai Police and the Attorney General Mr. Somboon said Now it is within the power of the prosecutor to consider together with the Department of Corrections. Whether or not the person can be seized is up to the prosecutor. As for the current process, he must note that it is still in the process where the Department of Corrections must discuss with the prosecutor. that if Mr. Thaksin’s name was really suspended What will the process be like that day? But the main opinion and decision rests with the prosecutor. The Department of Corrections will have to consider this as well.

Mr. Somboon also said that In the matter of Mr. Thaksin wearing or not wearing EM bracelets if he receives a suspension, He would like to clarify the resolution of the subcommittee in 2020. People who are sick or aged 70 years and over are not required to wear or wear EM bracelets. Moreover, in the process of suspension of punishment. Subcommittee It will not be specified what to do. Because the Department of Corrections already has clearly defined regulations. And the Probation Department must follow those regulations. He confirmed that if any inmate is over 70 years old and sick There is a serious incident. There will be no one who will wear an EM bracelet because if they have to wear a bracelet Corrections Department officials also have to go to prison. Because he violated the regulations of the Department of Corrections.

Mr. Watchara Phetthong, former Democrat Party MP, said Pol. Col. Thawee deserves to receive the Golden Doll award. Because the roles are better than movie stars In the past, the Settha government has used the same policies as the Thaksin regime. That is, transferring close people to accept work and do secret work for them. For example, transferring Mr. Sahakarn Petchanarin from Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice. Former front of the room of people close to Mr. Somchai Wongsawat, former Prime Minister. Since the time when Mr. Somchai was Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice Came to take on the job of taking care of Mr. Thaksin in this matter especially Or prepare for Pol. Col. Yutthana Praedam, former frontman and close person, to follow Pol. Col. Thawee since the time Pol. Col. Thawee was the Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation. Pushed to become Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation, etc. It is a network setup similar to that of Mr. Tharit Pengdit, unmistakable.

Mr. Wanchai Sonsiri, member of the Senate (Senator), commented on the current political situation that during March onwards, it may start from the middle of the month. February after Chinese New Year There will be two draft Organic Acts (Acts) that will enter the agenda for consideration at a joint meeting of Parliament, namely the Draft Act on Prevention and Suppression of Corruption and the Draft Act. .P.C. regarding criminal procedure for persons holding political positions. at Mr. Chusak Sirinil, Deputy Leader of the Pheu Thai Party with the group as the proposer And there might be some interesting discussions and debates.

Because one group agreed. But the Senate strongly disagreed. Because they fear that this law will cause conflict in society. There was a lack of unity. It will dismantle the lawsuit. The National Anti-Corruption Commission has ended. May continue to be tangled.

“The end of February until March will be the months where the political situation in parliament is quite heated. So whoever follows politics It can be seen that the place has always been quiet during the Settha government. Before closing this parliament, there will be intense heat. clash of ideas You may also see political battles in the House of Representatives. This month of March is really hot,” Mr. Wanchai said.

Mr. Chusak Sirinil, List of MPs And the deputy leader of the Pheu Thai Party revealed that it can be seen that the NACC has a lot of power. Therefore, there is a request to correct that when The NACC has decided that the case has no basis. The past is considered final. But this will be amended so that baseless cases can be sent to the Attorney General. to consider as well It is considered to be a check on each other’s power. The next issue that was resolved was According to international principles, in the case where the prosecutor orders not to prosecute It will not take away the right of the injured person to file a lawsuit. and can lead to the court process Therefore, I would like to explain to the Senate members. He confirmed that it would not be a revival of an old case. But it is the creation of a new legal principle. Do not deprive the injured person of the right to file a lawsuit. However, this must depend on the evidence and the court’s decision. Including the discretion of the injured person whether to file a lawsuit or not.

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