US should ‘supply fewer weapons’ to Israel, says

US should ‘supply fewer weapons’ to Israel, says

The head of European Union (EU) diplomacy, Josep Borrell, criticized the supply of weapons to Israel by the US and European countries, saying that “if the international community believes that this is a massacre, that many people are dying, perhaps we should think about the supply of weapons”.

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The statements come on the same day that Israel killed dozens in Rafah, a city that is home to more than 1 million Palestinian refugees, during an operation that freed two Israeli hostages.

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“How many times do we hear leaders say that too many people are dying? The president [Joe] Biden said this is excessive; is not proportional. Well, if he thinks a lot of people are dying, maybe he should provide fewer weapons,” Borrell said.

The EU official was referring to a speech made by the US president last Friday (9), after the second day of Israeli attacks on Rafah, during which the Democrat considered the Israeli massacre in the Gaza Strip “excessive”.

The diplomat also criticized the Israeli government’s intention to remove inhabitants from the Gaza Strip. “Where are they going to take them? To the Moon?” he questioned.

According to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, so far more than 28,000 Palestinians have been killed since the start of Israeli hostilities against the region, the majority of them women and children.

With a ground invasion in Rafah imminent, Hamas, the UN and even Israel’s allies, such as the US and European countries, are asking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to disregard the offensive.

The city of Rafah is located south of the Gaza Strip and borders Egypt. It is used as a waiting point for thousands of Palestinians trying to leave the territory to escape Israeli attacks.

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