Uzbekistan 2 _ Iran 2; Stopping the yaks in the first hard field / Katanch brakes Qalanewi

Uzbekistan 2 _ Iran 2;  Stopping the yaks in the first hard field / Katanch brakes Qalanewi

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ISNA: The two teams of Iran and Uzbekistan met in the second match of the preliminary group stage of the World Cup today (Tuesday) and this match ended in a draw.

In the second week of the first qualifying round of the World Cup, at 16:30 today (Tuesday), Iran faced the national team of this country at the home of Uzbekistan, and this match ended with a 2-2 draw.

Read the details of this meeting below.

Uzbekistan 2 – Iran 2

Yellow card: Hasanuddin Alikolov and Eldor Shomorudov – Mohammad Hossein Kananizadegan and Ali Karimi

Red card: –

Uzbekistan team: Utkir Yusupov, Hajiakbar Alijanov, Farrukh Sefiev, Rostam Ashurmatov (Sergiev-82), Atabek Shukurov, Adil Jan Khamrubkov, Jalaluddin Masharipov, Aston Aronov (Khosanov-89), Eldor Shomorov, Omar Ashmadov and Hasanuddin Alikulov.

Iran team: Alireza Biranvand, Shuja Khalilzadeh, Ramin Rezaiyan, Hossein Kananizadegan, Milad Mohammadi (90- Ehsan Haji Safi), Mehdi Torabi (90- Reza Asadi), Saeed Ezatollahi, Mohammad Mohebi (75- Mehrdad Mohammadi), Saman Qudous. 43- Ali Karimi), Mehdi Tarimi and Sardar Azmoun (75- Rozbe Cheshmi).

Sensitive situations

The match started with the whistle of the Emirati referee Muhammad Abdullah Muhammad.

8th minute: Mehdi Taremi was brought down in the penalty area of ​​Uzbekistan and in front of the goal of this team, but the referee did not believe in the penalty kick.

Iran’s first goal (14) (Ramin Rezaiyan): Iran’s penetration and Sardar Azmoun’s pass to Rezaiyan and this player’s shot from the right side of the penalty area hit the Uzbekistan goalkeeper and entered the team’s goal.

27th minute: Shukurov’s shot from the back of the penalty area went over Biranvand’s goal.

Iran’s second goal (38) (Mehdi Tarimi): Saman Qudous’s ball and his pass put Taremi in a one-on-one position and this player’s shot became Iran’s second goal.

Minute 41: Khamrubkov’s shot in the penalty area towards Iran’s goal was blocked by Biranvand.

49th minute: Shomorudov passed Kanani and passed to Masharipov, and then this player’s technical back kick was blocked by Khalilzadeh from the goal line.

Uzbekistan’s first goal (52) (Aston Aronov): Ali Karimi’s mistake made Aston Aronov one-on-one with Biranvand, and this player’s shot went into the Iranian goal.

54th minute: Shukurov’s shot in the penalty area was accompanied by Biranvand’s reaction and blocking.

67th minute: Shomorudov’s calm and ground kick in the penalty area was blocked by Biranvand.

70th minute: Farrokh Syfif’s shot went out from the side of Biranvand’s goal.

Uzbekistan’s second goal (82) (Sergiev): Oronov’s forward cross to Sergiev and this player’s shot on the left side of Iran’s penalty area entered Biranvand’s goal to tie the game.

Minute 6 + 90: Mehdi Taremi’s shot from the shot went over the top of Uzbekistan’s goal with a small difference.


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