Valditara at Severi Correnti: «Whoever occupies and devastates will pay the damages»

Valditara at Severi Correnti: «Whoever occupies and devastates will pay the damages»

Surprise inspection by the Minister of Education Giuseppe Valditara to the institute Severe Currents of Milan, heavily damaged: «Whoever occupies and devastates will pay the damages».

Valditara at Severi Correnti: «Whoever occupies and devastates will pay the damages»

«We are studying a rule to ensure that the occupant, if he does not demonstrate that he was not involved in the facts, is civilly liable for the damage that has been caused. Furthermore, in the text on the conduct vote we will present a rule agreed with the Ministry of Justice for which it is foreseen that it will be possible to take legal action for damage to one’s image. This is already foreseen for attacks on school staff, which could perhaps also be extended to situations of this type.” Thus Minister Valditara, at the end of the visit to the Severi Correnti high school in Milan, where between 30 January and 2 February the students’ occupation ended with damage to premises and things amounting to around 70 thousand euros.

In essence, explains the minister, in cases like this, “a presumption of innocence will be put in place which can only be overcome by demonstrating that one is completely unrelated”. Also because «whoever occupies, whoever carries out an illicit act, must answer for damages. And – he adds – I believe that students of this type cannot be promoted to the following year. But this is my personal reflection I think.”

He then observes: «If a strong signal is not given from a disciplinary point of view, it means that the school is not responding seriously; In my opinion, those who carry out these acts of devastation have not understood the educational message of the school. After that it will be up to the autonomy of the individual schools to decide.”

The principal: «We don’t want a witch hunt»

«We don’t want to have witch hunts or trials. Instead, we would like to be able to talk to the kids to help us understand why what happened. And that’s why we are calling them. For the rest, we are angry and bitter. In addition to having to deal with everything needed to allow classes to resume, there are also many students who are deeply disheartened. We imagine that upon returning we will have to work hard on the climate that was created in this circumstance. We will have to start from here to rebuild that “pact” of trust that we were building, together with the kids, with the co-management project.” Thus the head teacher of the Severi Correnti high school in Milan, Gabriella Maria Sonia Conte, at the end of the surprise visit of the minister Valditara, together with the prefect of Milan Claudio Sgaraglia.


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