Valentine’s Day 2024 – date, history and interesting facts — UNIAN

Valentine’s Day 2024 – date, history and interesting facts — UNIAN

Valentine’s Day is a very romantic holiday with many signs, although its history is actually sad.

Valentine’s Day is known around the world as the most romantic holiday of the year. He is especially popular abroad, but he also has many admirers among Ukrainians. We tell who and when invented the holiday, why it is customary to give “valentines” and who is St. Valentine.

Valentine’s Day – the history of the holiday

The history of Valentine’s Day is shrouded in mystery, as is love itself. No one knows for sure which of the versions of his origin is true, and whether there really was a saint named Valentine.

A romantic legend reads that a field doctor and priest named Valentin Rimsky served under Emperor Claudius II of Gotha. The ruler forbade future legionnaires to marry, believing that love would prevent soldiers from fighting on the battlefield. However, St. Valentine pitied the lovers and betrothed them to brides secretly from the emperor, for which he was sentenced to death. While Valentin was in prison awaiting sentencing, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, Julia. The saint wrote her a love letter signed “Your Valentine”, but the girl read the “valentine” only after the man’s death.

The historical version considers the introduction of St. Valentine’s Day a request of the Catholic Church to replace the popular among the people the ancient Roman fertility holiday Lupercalia, which was celebrated in the middle of February.

There is also a version that how did “valentines” appear. It is believed that the first such love postcard was a note that Duke Charles of Orleans sent to his wife from prison in the Tower of London. It was in 1415.

When is Valentine’s Day – where did the date 14 February come from?

Valentine of Rimsky was executed on February 14, 269, therefore February 14 – Saint Valentine’s Day in the church calendar. Abroad, this holiday has long lost its religious meaning and began to be celebrated as a secular celebration. In Ukraine, Valentine’s Day began to be celebrated in the 90s of the last century, and it is very popular among young people.

Traditions and omens for February 14

Traditions and omens for Valentine's Day 2024 / collage UNIAN, photo UNIAN,

The main custom on Valentine’s Day is love confessions. Someone reveals their feelings for the first time, and someone chooses this date for hand in hand and heart. Also, Valentine’s Day is a popular date for weddings. Lovers and loved ones congratulate each other and make presents on this occasion. Gifts for Valentine’s Day may be different, but a “Valentine” postcard is considered mandatory.

Individuals also exist omens on February 14:

  • if an unmarried girl sees two chicks on this day – she will marry a kind and cheerful person, she will see a couple of crows – her husband will be strict and older, and if two magpies catch her eye – her husband will be talkative and slightly frivolous;
  • who falls in love on this day will never fall out of love;
  • if on this day a boy presents a flower to a girl, she will fall in love with the boy;
  • a dog ran up on the street – do not think to chase it away, you will soon meet your soul mate;
  • If you make a love wish on February 14, it will definitely come true.

And, of course, the main sign of the day: if lovers give a mutual oath of fidelity, then nothing can destroy this union. Therefore, on Valentine’s Day, February 14, people often get married.

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