Valentine’s Day from ‘Pitha’

Valentine’s Day from ‘Pitha’

I’m…like “Fish doesn’t know water.” Really like that!

Yesterday (13 Feb. 2024)

Police arrested a Prachatai website reporter and a freelance photographer and put them on trial on charges of

“Support the destruction of historical sites From the news of spraying anti-Section 112 symbols on the wall of the Grand Palace (Wat Phra Kaew) on March 28, 2023.”

You probably saw the face of the accused and the incident from each television news channel yesterday evening.

You can see that this group of three fingers They did it in a movement. When they were arrested, they gathered together in a movement. Create a stimulating atmosphere.

make the person arrested “Brave Heart – Shaking Legs” action in front of the camera to show to the group to collect pictures – collect cool words to promote the role of “Three Finger Hero” for others to admire.

I heard “Mr. Kritsadang Nutjarat” human rights lawyer who came to act as a lawyer for Prachatai reporters Give an opinion interview

“The press is not a criminal…the press does not have freedom.”

“Go take photos, make news and publish it according to the media’s duties. Why do you have to be arrested?”

After listening, my condition occurred. “Fish doesn’t know water” as they say!?

Well, I have been in the news profession for more than 50 years.

Tell me honestly…..

Never said to anyone or anywhere that “I’m a mass media person,” unless other people call me that.

Most importantly, say you are a “journalist” and show your identification card. “Public Relations Department” issues certification “Be a reporter” in a formal way for him to see.

Nowadays, all you need is a camera and a mobile phone to create a page, create a website, and publish images and messages as you wish. Everyone is a journalist-photographer in the sense of “media”.

So I’m confused, do I have the right to be a “media person” with him or not?

and certification standards “Being the media – not being the media” – where is it? Who determines it?

Code of Ethics Or is it determined by the thief?

The more I saw the “Media Association-Confederation”, the “Amnesty” gang, and lawyers suddenly bursting out of the dark and bright corners. that the police arrested people in this movement

Ready to establish this group of people as “media” in full-fledged honors.

Then they protested and condemned the police for intimidating the media. The media doesn’t have any freedom.

I’m even more confused!??

If the mass media has the behavior, the goal of doing media is to “corrodes and undermines institutions” and creates a movement like this

-Someone spray-painted the wall of the Grand Palace.

– Someone went to make news. Someone went to take pictures. And someone took the picture and put it on a page – put it on a website to publish.

If we call these people “the mass media” according to the meaning and according to the ethics of real media people, then

I can only be a “heel butt”!?

Because they do not have the qualifications to be “media members” according to the standards of human rights lawyers and the Association-Confederation of Journalists!

This is also a “reflection” in the word “mass media”.

Nowadays, breeding is easy. Even better than breeding monitor lizards!

As a vaccine to prevent misunderstandings from distorted news, it is said that “journalists-photographers” go to do media duties. Why must you be arrested?

I would like to request permission from the program “Sorrayut Suthatsanachinda, News Worker” on Channel 3 to bring evidence from CCTV cameras leading to the arrest from what the police revealed and distribute it further.

By seeing the Prachatai reporter and freelance photographer Made an appointment to meet the paint sprayer with the group one day before the incident of spraying messages on the wall of Wat Phra Kaew.

From the CCTV cameras it was found that….

Evening to dusk Before the paint spraying incident Nattaphon along with the group In which some people joined together to spray paint on the wall of Wat Phra Kaew.

Let’s discuss planning and survey the location first. In front of the Supreme Court, Sanam Luang

Then, on the day of the incident, the same group of people gathered from 4:00 p.m. until 5:40 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., everyone took their positions and performed their duties.

While Mr. Suttawee Accused spray paint carry out the crime

Mr. Nattaphon, a reporter, and Mr. Nattaphon, a freelance photographer, took photos.

The other group member was a woman. The other person is a man who is in charge of live broadcasting. Another man is in charge of taking video.

As for another group member who acts Takes still photos

And lastly, “Tawan” is the person who distributes various clips and images. Post on social media

Pictures from “CCTV” found…

Mr. Nattaphon entered the scene before the incident and had the habit of taking pictures.

Mr. Suttawee is preparing to take action and is taking action. If you don’t know the plan before You will not be able to carry equipment and wait to take photos during the incident.

There is also footage from CCTV cameras. In terms of setting up a meeting for this group of people in advance.

This is the “qualities of being a mass media” in modern society. As for me, it belongs to the era of dinosaurs. Eggs were made of stone and have been extinct for a long time.

Therefore, I would like to withdraw from being a modern Thai media. to be in a state “Dinosaur heels”!

Yesterday, in addition to “police arresting the media” for supporting the spray-painting of the Grand Palace wall,

Police from Din Daeng Police Station also went to arrest “Tantawan Tua Tulanont – Natthanon Pairoj” who was disrupting the royal procession.

That is, the police took the reporter-photographer “Spray Kamphaeng” to be detained at the court. Sunflowers also gathered around her in a crowd. The police found out and came to arrest him.

Superintendent of Din Daeng Police Station, even though he is within the three-finger cordon He was arrested and taken into custody. “Tawan-Natthanon” has the psychology of the masses. Please watch.

They had to attend a training course – memorize the roles of the Three Finger Fighters. To show in front of the camera

If you notice, you will see that each person is “parrot-myna” in the chapter on rights and freedoms. Calling for space to express A call for justice

And ends with “Release my friend”!

When I was in the group, I was very excited.

But after going to prison or being imprisoned for a long time, the group faded and dispersed to find new jobs. Let the heroes and heroines have three fingers. I’m lonely and have liver pain.

Now, don’t starve for attention. He sat with tears wiping his knees. youth – youth Wasting it on red rice, morning glory curry, and thepo fish head!

“Courage” doesn’t kill people.

The “hollowness” in the ideology of the gang seeking to defeat the king is the “illusion” used by the skull-spinning skirt master. And end up in prison!

Well, today, February 14th, is Valentine’s Day. There is a love letter. Read it…Yoohoo..Yoohoo.


Hello Tawan & Bam

It’s Brother Tim. How are you today? Will you be able to close your eyes and sleep? Hopefully I won’t vomit as much as the previous days.

In fact, I secretly follow up on my symptoms from the doctor and lawyer all the time. I’m always worried.

I’ve spoken according to the promise I made. Both in the House and outside the House. In the House of Representatives, Jeab spoke in the middle of the House. The next day, he spoke outside the House, communicating with fellow Tawan & Bam, the people.

Let him understand your intentions. The strong determination of both men regarding basic bail rights. that should have existed in Thailand from the beginning

Concern for friends That Tawan and Bam have for people who have been imprisoned even though there hasn’t been a verdict yet. Including the three demands that have been announced.

Today I came to stay at Thammasat University. The People’s Party canceled 112 submissions. Everyone is very worried about the couple.

and came to speak 3 demands in front of many people As we talked through the monitor in the prison

I really admire the spirit and bravery of both of them. I myself am ashamed, but I must honestly admit that today society has opened its eyes.

see the perversion Distortion of the justice process

Not because of me Because the party has advanced

But because of you We do too little. You are the people who have driven society to this point.

Believe me, Your mission has been accomplished.

Most beautifully accomplished

that a citizen is powerless Without any bargaining power, it can be done.

But you know better than me. that this fight It’s not just any one person’s mission. And the more people work together, the better. The faster it gets done.

The mission on your part is complete.

From now on, it is our duty to do our part. I and the Move Forward Party will do everything we can. To push for an end to the use of Laws 112, 116 and other oppressive laws that deprive people of their freedom.

We will do our best in parliament. And I believe there will be many more people. who were driven by your story to fight outside parliament

Together we will complete this mission.

And I want you to be here to celebrate the victory of the people together with all of us.

I salute you both for your bravery.

Pitha Limjaroenrat

28 January 2023


Love you, kisses, Valentine’s Day!

– Silver flame

14 February 2024

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