Ventura sighs for Passos Coelho: “Maybe then we will have a great government on the right, led by Chega and not by the PSD”

Ventura sighs for Passos Coelho: “Maybe then we will have a great government on the right, led by Chega and not by the PSD”

The press conference was scheduled to react to criticisms made of the justice system by António Costa and other socialist figures, but André Ventura ended it with an electoral promise: he will call all parties on the right on the night of March 10, even if no one answer from the other side. “I insist on talking to those who don’t want to talk to me, it’s a habit I have”, stated Ventura, to ensure that he will also try to talk to the Liberal Initiative – which has long ruled out any Government understanding with Chega. “The objective is to win a right-wing majority”, guarantees the party leader, stressing that “it is not worth waiting for the return of the CDS”.

Staying behind or ahead of the PSD will not change Chega’s “attitude”, he guaranteed, and it will be impossible to “ignore such a significant part of the electorate”. Hence the promise of a phone call to São Caetano à Lapa, his first political house, on the night of March 10: “I’m going to call everyone, because if Montenegro leaves I have to see who stays. One thing is certain: I will stay, Chega will stay, and we hope to lead this alternative”, he stated, before saying goodbye to the journalists with a smile on his face and a speculative scenario: “And if Montenegro leaves, who knows? Passos Coelho who will come… Maybe then we will have a great government on the right, led by Chega and not by the PSD.”

It remains to be seen what the former prime minister thinks about this. For Chega, it is another step towards gaining government legitimacy. Another was given last week, in an interview with SIC Notícias, and repeated this Monday: Ventura repeated that he has the green light from the President of the Republic to participate in a right-wing Government: if Marcelo did not veto the solution in the Azores, he will not veto it in Continent, he stressed.

Uncertainties, radicalism and instability. President does not foresee easy times

Ventura’s strategy is to show right-wing voters that Chega is the only adult in the room: “ability to build bridges”, “humility” and openness to a “written agreement” were expressions used this afternoon by Ventura, who even asked for “responsibility” from Chega militants who are against an alliance with the PSD. “It has to be”, repeated the leader.

At the same time, he criticized the left for constantly warning that Chega is not fit to govern. “I do not recognize legitimacy [a António Costa] to question Chega’s suitability to govern. We are not a threat to democracy nor a factor of instability”, stated Ventura, pointing out that Costa “has done nothing other than attack the institutions of Justice.”

Something that will not happen in an Chega government, the leader hurried to guarantee: “We are not going to sanitize people or remove personalities [da Justiça]”, he pointed out. “None of these people were chosen by us, but they deserve our respect”, he concluded, after asking Costa to “shut up” on the subject.


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