Verula joins hands with online partners to teach careers for people with disabilities. Ban Rangchan seaside community

Verula joins hands with online partners to teach careers for people with disabilities.  Ban Rangchan seaside community

Recently the company Valuera Energy (Thailand) Company Limited, a producer of oil and natural gas. Led by Mr. Apichanan Limthongchai, Senior Internal & External Affairs, joins hands with Vulcan Coalition Company Limited, a service provider for AI Technology Driven by Disabilities, driving technology. Artificial intelligence by people with disabilities, both in industry and research To promote digital skills Raising the level of employment for the disabled group, Data First Company Limited (Data First) and Tiktok Mentor Thailand organized the MISSION POSSIBLE CAMP activity for the disabled in the seaside community of Ban Rangchan. Samut Sakhon Province to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities in the area. By doing activities to promote careers, increase opportunities, create income through the online world for people with disabilities and families of people with disabilities. and communities have a better quality of life. This MISSION POSSIBLE CAMP project is organized to strengthen skills in using online media to increase opportunities. Continuing to generate income for the disabled group It is supported by leading alliances in Thailand, lecturers, and experts in the advertising and online world. Come teach how to use online media. To continue creating income, experience intense WORKSHOP activities from leading lecturers in Thailand and win prizes totaling over 25,000 baht along with certificates of activity participation.

Mr. Apichanan said, “Although disability is defined by many different terms, Whether it’s Impairment, Disability (Handicap) or Disability, people with disabilities are overlooked for other potential to be able to generate income to take care of themselves and their families on a basic basis equal to others in society just because of their disability. unavoidable But at present, the change in digital technology (Digital Disruption) occurs very quickly and leaps and bounds. There are new technologies that are replacing human labor with not just equal but even more efficiency. For this reason, no matter who needs to upskill/reskill In order to still have the ability to keep up with this big change.

Valuera Energy Therefore, we have collaborated with many sectors to organize the MISSION POSSIBLE CAMP project for groups of people with disabilities in the seaside community of Ban Rangchan, Samut Sakhon Province, who can participate in the training at no cost. The activities are practical training on 3 missions:

Mission 1 In the form of an Online Workshop on the topic Tips for looking for the right person Get to know and understand your target audience Continuing to create content that is right and pleasing to every generation.

Mission 2 It is an interactive workshop on the topic Techniques for turning viewers into customers By the Tiktok Wizard Tiktok Mentor Thailand with the most exclusive classes. Delve deeper into trends in the online world Intensive tutoring before actually doing it.

andfinal mission Really hands-on, going to the real area Take us to make shrimp paste, a good thing from the seaside community of Ban Rang Chan, Samut Sakhon Province, a community enterprise that has fresh, clean products that meet standards. Delivered directly to customers around the world Ready to present work and compete for prize money worth a total of 25,000 baht and a certificate of participation in the activity.

Valuera Energy Hopefully it will help those who join the project to be able to become professional content creators. and have skills in working in digital areas, services, online media, knowledge of using modern media Keep up to date with current changes. until able to actually pursue a career As well as techniques and there is also an exchange of work experience with people who have expertise that can be further developed into a career. and can generate powerful income from quality products from the community And we will be a part of taking care of society. To raise the quality of life sustainably

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