Vexin: the bus network very disrupted after 28 thefts of catalytic converters

Vexin: the bus network very disrupted after 28 thefts of catalytic converters

This burglary had consequences for an entire territory. The Transdev bus depot in Génicourt (Val-d’Oise) was the target of a burglary during the night from Sunday to Monday. The criminals allegedly stole the catalytic converter from 28 vehicles. The events took place around 6:40 p.m., according to video surveillance images. The facts were observed during the night, around 12:19 a.m. When they arrived at the depot, four bus drivers were reportedly unable to make their rounds. Later that morning, the same thing happened to eight of their colleagues.

All 29 standard lines and 3 night lines are affected. Île-de-France Mobility indicated that the priority was to operate the school lines during peak hours, namely: 95-24, 95-25, 95-31, 95-32, 95-33, 95- 34, 95-35. Buses from the Houdan depot (Yvelines) were reportedly requisitioned.

The CGT points out a security defect

The Transdev company specifies that fourteen vehicles from other sites were transferred to the Vexin network. The disruptions occurred mainly during peak hours and traffic was almost normal during off-peak hours, according to the operator. He specifies that 13.27% of tours were not provided. Traffic should resume normally this Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, the depot was never secure,” laments the CGT bus drivers union. He recalls that a fire already occurred on site in 2019. “After that, there was a security company which was asked to put an agent on site but he has since been withdrawn,” adds- he. Employees would have a badge to access the site, but access would be possible without it.

Intended to reduce the toxicity of exhaust gases, catalytic converters contain rare and precious metals, rhodium and palladium, the price of which has soared. The first reached a record at 800,000 euros per kilo in November 2020, while the price of the second has increased fivefold in five years. Very experienced burglars specialize in this type of theft, and only target certain car models.


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