Vice President Chinese Think Tank

Vice President Chinese Think Tank

Mr. Victor Gao— file photo

Chinese think tank Center for China and Globalization Vice President Mr. Victor Gao says that some powers in the world do not want to see the growing friendship between China and Pakistan.

Victor Gao has said in an interview given to ‘Jeo News’ that the opponents of Pakistan-China friendship do not want Pakistan to be associated with the projects of better communication, they also do not want Pakistan to be economically strong and coordination here for economic development. be

He said that I don’t want to mention the names of these countries, but the list of countries opposing CPEC is very clear. Pakistan’s neighbors are not part of BRI. Disagree with this.

“China and Pakistan are on the same page, we want to bring this project together and we want it to get maximum benefits,” said the Vice President of the Chinese Think Tank Center.

He said that I am thankful to the Pakistani people, government and army, Pakistan has provided all possible support for the security of Chinese workers, engineers, teachers, government officials.

Victor Gao said that the news of something happening in any part of the world spreads like wildfire in China, if a Chinese citizen’s life is lost, that news will also spread like wildfire.

The vice president of the Chinese think tank center says that this will create anxiety and frustration, it will not be good for economic cooperation, we want cooperation for the Pakistani people as well as the Chinese working in Pakistan.

He said that if you do not have stability, foreign capital will avoid coming here, foreign capital will be shelved or stopped, then the country and the people will suffer.

Victor Gao said that China and Pakistan have to take innovative ways, we have to use artificial intelligence to protect Chinese and Pakistani workers.

He also said that China respects whichever leader the Pakistani people choose in the elections.


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