[Video]A Cambodian lady apologizes to the Crown Prince of Johor for causing trouble by saying “Malays are lazy”

[Video]A Cambodian lady apologizes to the Crown Prince of Johor for causing trouble by saying “Malays are lazy”

(Skudai News on the 21st) A businesswoman from Cambodia caused an uproar recently by saying that “Cambodians are hard-working and know how to do business better, while Malays are lazy.” It also caused an uproar among Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail. Notice!

The remarks sparked strong criticism from the Malay community, which even called on the Crown Prince of Johor to take action against the businesswoman who was doing business in Skudai.

Seeing that the Crown Prince of Johor was also retweeting netizens’ posts on his personal social media

Tunku Ismail’s reaction after a user on the X platform asked him to take action against a businesswoman.

In the one-minute video, Maria expressed her extreme gratitude to Tunku Ismail for allowing her to do business in Johor.

She said she was proud to be a citizen of Johor and hoped to help more people make a living.

“I, Maria, from Maria Ltd., wish to seek forgiveness from His Highness and express my sincerest gratitude.

“I am proud to be a citizen of Johor and have the opportunity to do business in Johor, and I also hope to be able to help others more. Tunku, thank you very, very much.”

Currently, the police have received 14 reports about Maria’s defamatory videos circulating online.

Not long ago, the businesswoman sparked controversy when she claimed in a video that Cambodians are indeed smarter and more diligent than Malays in business.

At the time, she also said with a frivolous attitude that she was just joking and that no one should mind it. But now that it has attracted the attention of the Crown Prince of Johor, she has uncharacteristically apologized to the Crown Prince in a serious and serious manner.

@mariyahholdingsmenjunjung kasih Tunku 😭❤💙🙏🏻

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