Vincenzo Montella: We felt his absence – Football News

Vincenzo Montella: We felt his absence – Football News

Emphasizing that they are very happy, Montella said, “We are very happy to return first and leader. A lot of compliments have been showered on the team by you. It is obvious how much we trust the team. We knew it would be a tough match. We could have done more in the first half. The most important thing is that we have reacted in the second halves since I arrived. We started to put more emphasis on the field. It is important for us to show such reactions. I’m happy. We are happy to draw and finish as leaders. “This is very important for us,” he said.


The Italian coach gave the following answer to a question about the referee of the match:

“I never comment on referees. It’s easy to judge from the outside. While it may seem like he deliberately singled out one team, I don’t think so. He interpreted and decided on some positions from different angles. There is no need to talk about referees. “I don’t think he made big mistakes either.”


Asked about the deficiencies in the center forward position, Montella said: “We experienced Cenk Tosun’s absence in this match as follows. He scored 2 goals. Enes Ünal is also a player we can evaluate in the future. “We know how valuable it is,” he said.


Montella made the following statements about goalkeeper Altay Bayındır:

“Obviously he is a very young goalkeeper. He showed himself how good a goalkeeper he is. He has significant experience for his age. Once he gains experience there, he will have the chance to play regularly. Then he will show how valuable he is. I feel very comfortable about the goalkeeper. Uğurcan played two good matches. He would have continued had he not been injured. Mert and Ertaç are also present. He also shows that he is a good goalkeeper. “I feel at ease about this.”


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