Visiting temple fairs, tasting delicious food, visiting the flower market… residents from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei had a great time in Wuqing

Visiting temple fairs, tasting delicious food, visiting the flower market… residents from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei had a great time in Wuqing

“This temple has many traditional Chinese cultural elements such as dragon dance and lion dance. Children like it very much and can participate in it. It’s great!” On the 11th, Mr. Xiao from Tongzhou, Beijing, took his family to Chagugang Town, Wuqing District. In Jinxi Taoyuan, he happily told reporters while enjoying the New Year Temple Fair. The reporter learned at the scene that Wuqing’s “Taoyuan Fun·Northern Year” New Year Temple Fair attracted residents from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to come. Some families came out to support the elderly and the young; some couples held hands. Everyone watched the show and tasted the delicious food, with bright smiles on their faces.

During the Spring Festival, in the Jinxi Taoyuan of Chagugang Town, colorful flags fluttered, gongs and drums roared, songs soared, and food smelled fragrant. The intangible cultural heritage flag streamer performance was thrilling; the roly-poly performance was wonderful and novel; the dragon dance performance was majestic, and Lively Yangko performance, traditional car fair… Mr. Liu from Langfang, Hebei gave a thumbs up and praised: “This New Year temple fair in Wuqing District, Tianjin is particularly rich in content and of a very high level. It will be held in two days.” Let relatives from Zhejiang come back and let them experience the Spring Festival temple fair in the north.” As night fell, the colorful lights of the temple fair were all on, and the entire Jinxi Taoyuan scenic spot immediately turned into a colorful world, beautiful and exciting. “Tree of Life”, “Iron Flower Show”, “Tunnel of Love”, etc. are dazzling; Internet celebrity interactive projects “Angel Wings” and interactive lantern riddles, etc., make people excited and full of surprises.

During the Spring Festival, in addition to the New Year Temple Fair and Florence Town, the flower market also ushered in the peak sales season. Going to the flower market to buy flowers has become a pursuit of home aesthetics and admiration for nature. Flowers with beautiful meanings also express people’s expectations for a beautiful new year. Walking into the Jinguo Flower Base located in Meichang Town, you can see hundreds of flowers blooming, green plants blooming, and bursts of floral fragrance. Colorful phalaenopsis, delicate camellias, leafy money trees…all kinds of flowers and green plants fill the shelves, making it dizzying.

Ni Jia, the person in charge of the flower base, started busy early in the morning, sorting out the newly purchased flowers, watering them, and pruning the branches and leaves. She was very busy. When talking about the flower language of various flowers, he knows all about them: “This pot is a Phalaenopsis, which means enthusiasm, unrestrainedness, and friendliness; this pot is a kumquat, which means good luck; this pot is a money tree, which means business will be prosperous and wealth will be prosperous in the coming year… These are the best-selling flowers for the New Year.” Mr. Li, who was selecting flowers at the flower base, is a “regular customer” of the base and comes here every January to buy flowers. While choosing flowers, he said: “I used to go to other places to buy flowers, but then I learned that we have such a good flower base in Wuqing, so I came here to buy them. The flowers here are not only beautiful, but also have beautiful meanings. I hope that in the new city May you have good luck in the year.” In the flower base, red flowers were placed in a conspicuous position, attracting many customers to stop to admire and buy. Ni Jia told reporters that this year, except for Phalaenopsis, which has increased in price compared with last year, the prices of other flowers are basically the same as in previous years. Small and cute succulents are deeply loved by young people and children, and sales remain high. He said: “With the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to the quality of life while pursuing material life. It has become normal to buy flowers to display at home on weekdays, and it is even more essential to add flowers to decorate the festive atmosphere during festivals. Flowers symbolize beauty, and I hope that my friends’ lives will be as prosperous as flowers.” (Tonight News reporter Wang Shaofang)


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