Vox wear down the PP due to Feijo’s “shot in the foot” with a deputy for La Corua as hope

Vox wear down the PP due to Feijo’s “shot in the foot” with a deputy for La Corua as hope


The dynamics in politics are unpredictable. Glory or ruin, success or debacle can happen with the arrival of a new day. And the framework in which public opinion develops is the one that gives oxygen or the final blow to those who were swinging on the wire the night before. Vox has managed to recover – or at least park – in record time from its internal crises and the disastrous sensation that hovered over the Galician campaign and, relying on the shot in the foot that the Popular Party has hit itself with the pardons with conditions, give a Last push to his candidacy for 18-F.

The forecasts, in any case, are not flattering in bamboowhich limits expectations in Galicia to a single deputy for La Corua in the best of scenarios, which has not yet been reflected in practically any survey. Santiago Abascal knows that in five days Vox will compete in its most difficult place, but in the party they consider that the uncertainty in this last week of the campaign can help a change in perceptions, mainly regarding two issues: the floating sensation in the ecosystem of Vox about a continuous internal malaise, evidenced in the internal crisis that erupted in Balearics behind the general Assembly on January 27, and the control that until now the PP said he had about the race to the polls.

Two issues that have taken a 180 degree turn in just over the 48 hours that a weekend lasts. Friday night, Abascal confirmed from Orense that the battle for control of the party in Balearics It had been resolved after two weeks of an internal struggle that reached the national leadership of the formation. By then, and despite the fact that there were still 24 hours left before the revelations about Feijo’s position on a possible pardon for Carles Puigdemont were published, the information was already in the hands of the Vox leadership.

Thus, as the details about Genoa’s considerations appeared in the press, already in the early hours of Saturday to Sunday, surprise spread among the Vox leaders, despite the fact that Abascal had the intuition that the position of Feijo about Puigdemont It was much softer than that manifested in the last half year. Yesterday, already in the final stretch of the campaign, the president of Vox influenced the PP scam and accused the opposition leader of lying to the Spaniards, which is why he removed the PP from the list of formations that defend the general interest. and the rule of law in our country.

Of course, they don’t catch us in a meeting with Junts, they don’t catch us for a single second proposing an amnesty law, and they don’t catch us setting conditions for absolutely unacceptable pardons, he reproached Abascal before fully introducing the issue in a Galician key: The feeling of fraud in Galicia is very great […] What Galicia needs is for the PP to be given the reins.

Vox’s strategy – which has received the support of the Argentine president, Javier Milei, by ensuring that the votes of emigrants can be decisive -, therefore, involves influencing this matter in the remaining days of the campaign, well now, with the criticism of the amnesty Abascal can burden both Pedro Sanchez like Alberto Nez Feijo. In this sense, in Vox They deny that there is a clamp with the PSOE to point out Feijo, despite the fact that in Ferraz they continue to attack the opposition leader and yesterday, like Vox, accused him of lying: It seems that they have become afraid, the minister said yesterday and PSOE spokesperson, Mara Jess Montero.


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