‘Wanrat’ sleeps in prison Victims of Stark stock ask for compensation

‘Wanrat’ sleeps in prison  Victims of Stark stock ask for compensation

“DSI” detains “Wanrat”, heir to TOA, and sends him to special prosecutor. Sued in STARK stock fraud case. Criminal court does not grant bail. Pointing out cases of enormous economic and social damage. The person has denied fighting the case. He is lying in jail, examining evidence on June 10, while the real victims are demanding responsibility for damages. If complete compensation is received, we are happy to announce the court’s reprieve. Get the chance to receive a group case.

On February 12 at the Special Prosecutor’s Office Office of the Attorney General (ASO), Ratchadaphisek Road DSI investigators detained Mr. Wannarat Tangkaravakun, a former executive and major shareholder and heir to the TOA color business family, the second suspect in the offense of being a director. or company executives acting dishonestly Not performing duties responsibly caution and honesty according to Section 89/7, causing damage to the company or causing oneself or others to benefit from violating or failing to perform such duties, in performing the duties of directors of subsidiaries and executives of subsidiaries, directors, managers or any person responsible for the operation of any juristic person in accordance with This Act by corruption

together in corruption Deceive others by presenting false information to the public. or concealing the true message which should be communicated to the public and by such deception obtained property from the person deceived. or third parties according to the Securities and Exchange Act Criminal Code Sections 83, 41, 343 in the corruption case in Stark Corporation Public Company Limited, sent to the prosecutor of the Special Cases Office. According to the most urgent book of the Office of the Special Prosecutor To the Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation Please arrange for the accused to be brought to court. At this time, the prosecutor is in the process of preparing documents and bringing the accused to the criminal court.

For Mr. Wanrat who was taken into custody today by hospital vehicle. He was sick and pale and had to use a wheelchair.

After the prosecutor filed a lawsuit against Mr. Wonnarat Tangkaravakun, the second suspect in the corruption case in STARK Corporation Public Company Limited, Ms. Natthiya Duangjinda, who was injured by investing in STARK bonds for more than 13 million baht, on behalf of the group of real victims, said that in addition to the criminal cases that the prosecutor The Special Cases Office filed the lawsuit today. The real victims filed a class action lawsuit at the Southern Bangkok Civil Court. Using only 3 plaintiffs to sue, the contents of this case will cover all over 4,000 victims to receive equal compensation. It is a single lawsuit but will help all victims. The court scheduled to hear the order whether to accept the case as a class action or not on March 21.

“This is the hope of every victim. Because if the court does not accept it as a group case Everyone must file a civil lawsuit against each other. In which there are more than 4,000 victims, there will be more than 4,000 cases in court. The important thing is that not everyone has the potential to sue on their own. Because some people don’t have enough debt. You will have to pay court fees and lawyer fees. You will feel that it is better to surrender than not to fight. Even though we have come together this much, we still feel that it is not easy to fight for justice. But we were lucky that we were able to gather together as a hundred people. With the help of Mr. Jinna Yaem-um, a lawyer specializing in Class Action cases, he came to help without charging a single baht. We would like the case that we filed ourselves on March 21st to ask the court to consider accepting as a group case. So that everyone will receive equal justice.”

Mrs. Nathiya said What I would like to say to Mr. Wanrat is this: We, the victims, should get back what we lost. As Accused 2 said in court that he was sorry. and wants to make amends for us I really want those words to turn into actions. Not just speaking I will be very happy if you give me a refund. If we admit our wrongdoing, we are ready to forgive. If there is a full refund of compensation for the injured person We are ready to make a statement to the court to grant relief. If he agrees to return the money, he is ready to end the case. Mistakes happen and we don’t make a big deal out of them. If he takes responsibility And you should set a time limit for when they will pay back, not 10 or 20 years because it may already be beyond our lifespan.

Afterwards, the prosecutor filed charges against Mr. Wanrat. The court considered the plaintiff’s prosecutor’s request and ordered the case to be stamped as black case number Or. 441/2567. Examining the testimony, the defendant denied the case and asked to fight the case. Therefore, an appointment was made to examine the evidence on June 10th.

Afterwards, the defendant filed a petition with securities requesting temporary release. The court considered and found that The case is characterized as causing damage to the economy and society as a whole. both causing damage to the people and has a large amount of damage Plaintiff objects to temporary release Therefore, temporary release is not allowed.

Correctional officers took the defendant to the Bangkok Remand Prison. During the trial.

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