War: The Russians launched the Kalibrov carrier into the sea

War: The Russians launched the Kalibrov carrier into the sea

Four ships are being held by the occupiers in the Black Sea as of 07:00 on February 13.

Among them is one “Kalibrov” carrier with six missiles on board, the Ukrainian Navy reports.

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There is one enemy ship in the Sea of ​​Azov, there are no rocket launchers there.

There are two ships of the Russian Federation in the Mediterranean Sea. Among them is one “Kalibrov” carrier with a total salvo of up to eight missiles.

Author: Military forces of Ukraine

There is one Kalibrov carrier in the Black Sea

Kalibr is a Russian cruise missile. Its advantage is that it flies along a winding trajectory, it is possible to set an arbitrary course. The rocket can change its trajectory at any moment. She flies around the topography of the area. That is, if there is an obstacle, then it rises, if there is a depression, it goes down. This creates difficulties for air defense. Modern missiles of this type are designed to hit targets with high accuracy. “Caliber” flies relatively slowly, which affects the interception time. This rocket flies 15 km in a minute. At an altitude of 100 m, the anti-aircraft missile complex can see it at an average distance of 30 km.


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