Washing a car in winter: why is it important?

Washing a car in winter: why is it important?

Drivers regularly forget to wash their car in winter, and this procedure is mandatory. Photo: Channel 24

Many of us operate the car for more than one year, so we already know what to do in this or that situation.

However, not all car owners, especially beginners, are aware of all the basic rules, so they can damage their car by wrong actions. In particular, drivers regularly forget to wash their car in winter, and this procedure is mandatory.

Winter washing of the car should be done at least once a week, and it is necessary to wash both the body and the interior. Gazeta.ua will explain why you need a complex car wash and what benefits you can get in winter.

Body wash

The fact is that in winter we are used to seeing a large amount of precipitation – frost, snow, snow with rain, and so on. The air temperature also does not always stay at low values ​​and, sometimes, it can rise to 0 or higher degrees. Naturally, all this will form ice, moisture and mud on the street.

Even in relatively large cities, road services treat the roadway with reagents or salt. All this substance perfectly eats away the ice and makes the roads safer, because bare asphalt appears. But the flip side of the coin is the corrosion of not only ice, but also of everything that the reagent does not come into contact with.

Try walking in boots along the track with reagents. After you come home, dry them and you will see the white stains left by the reagents on your shoes – actually, that’s what they are.

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But what will happen to the shoes if you leave them for a long time without being cleaned of reagents. If the shoes are cheap and leather is used in them, then after a while it will begin to peel and peel off – this is how reagents work: they eat into the surface and destroy it in the long term.

This is a rather simple example, but believe me, it is fully applicable to your car. Reagents eat into the metal and paintwork of the car, as well as into chrome, as a result of which all this sooner or later deteriorates. In particular, the same chrome parts peel off, the body paint becomes cloudy and loses its saturation.

As for body metal, it also actively rots if it is not galvanized or the galvanizing layer is damaged. But even in this case, don’t be in a hurry to rejoice, because the top of the body is mostly galvanized, while the bottom remains not too protected.

As a result, the bottom itself begins to rot sooner or later, even though it can be tightly protected by plastic anti-gravel screens and other panels. In particular, spars, subframes, bumper amplifiers, etc. rot.

Interior washing

Again, the problem here is that one way or another we have to walk on the coating with reagents. The latter settles on our shoes. Accordingly, when we get into the car, we bring the reagents into the cabin. They remain on the floor mats, on the bottom of the door cards and on the thresholds. So, they dry out and begin to spoil the plastic in the cabin, carpets, and so on.

And also, the prolonged presence of particles of reagents in the cabin subsequently turns them into dust, which then enters the lungs of the driver and passengers. Dust from reagents is dispersed by the interior ventilation system – for example, you directed warm air at your feet and the dust began to spread throughout the interior and settle on the outer panels. See how simple it is.

Therefore, we simultaneously wash the body and the interior of the vehicle in the winter. Only in this way will you be able to protect yourself from further problems not only with the car, but also with your health.

The driver of the delivery service came up with an unusual, but “strong” and “effective” way to prevent the car’s windshield from freezing.

For this you will need a bottle of vodka and 10 minutes. DailyRecord writes about it.


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