Watch J.LEAGUE live, great value, only on AIS PLAY! First match 23 Feb.

Watch J.LEAGUE live, great value, only on AIS PLAY!  First match 23 Feb.

SIAMSPORT joins hands with AIS to deliver the best action straight from the sidelines to the screen for football fans to watch live. And send encouragement to Thai players on the J.LEAGUE stage, all 152 matches, complete with highlights and reruns throughout the 2024 season, now on AIS PLAY, SIAMSPORT channel, starting the first match on February 23, 2024, only for AIS customers.

Siam Sport Digital Media Company Limited, the holder of the rights to broadcast J.League football live. Japan Professional Football League Officially joining hands with Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited or AIS ready to serve the fun of the ‘Meiji Yasuda J1 League’, the highest quality football league in Asia. So that Thai football fans can watch 152 live matches every week throughout the 2024 season, glued to the screen, cheering anywhere, anytime through AIS PLAY on the SIAMSPORT channel only! Just apply for the package and watch as follows.
● Price 599 baht for viewing throughout the 2024 season (152 matches).
● Price 69 baht for monthly viewing.

You can apply for the package from February 22, 2024 onwards, only for AIS customers. There will also be highlights and reruns throughout the season for AIS customers to watch as well.

‘Meiji Yasuda J1 League’ season 2024, a Japanese football competition that Thai people should not miss!
Intensity of the game
The professional football competition J.LEAGUE has a new league structure. J.League 1 season 2024 will have 20 teams competing and 3 teams will be relegated to play in level 2, resulting in the intensity of the competition increasing. follow along In addition, the playing style is systematic. combined with the unique skills of the players Makes it fun to watch and get excited about every match. Therefore, it is not strange that the runner-up team will fall to 8th place. The team escaping relegation will become the champion! Anything can happen in the J.League football arena…. This season, will the J.League billionaire team ‘Vissel Kobe’ win the 2nd championship or not? All sports fans come together to cheer.

Cheer on Thai players in the Samurai area
After seniors like ‘Mui’ Teerasil Dangda, ‘Um’ Teerathon Bunmathan and ‘Jay’ Chanathip Songkrasin have already shown the potential of Thai players to Japanese football fans. It’s time for the younger generation like ‘Check’ and ‘Book’, the young War Elephants footballers, to show their skills for the fans of Japan to see. Come join us in sending encouragement to ‘Check’ Saphuchok Sarachat, the Thai national striker of ‘Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo’, who made history as a Thai player on the J.League stage with the highest score. After last season Thai Army midfielder The ‘Northern Owls’ scored 7 goals, ranking 3rd in the club* (*Takuro Kaneko scored 8 goals, transferring at the end of the first leg)

As for the latest player to play football in the Land of the Rising Sun, such as ‘Book’ Ekanit Panya, attacking midfielder for ‘Urawa Red Diamonds’ who is fighting hard against obstacles on his professional football path abroad. In order to gain the trust of ‘Mathias Hokmoe’, the new Norwegian coach. Come join in sending encouragement to the players from Phaya Mengrai to play as the real players. and was the first ASEAN player to score a goal in the J.League while wearing the shirt of ‘Red Devils of Asia’

Thai football fans who love football can watch J.LEAGUE via AIS PLAY on the SIAMSPORT channel. Just apply for the package from February 22, 2024 onwards, only for AIS customers and can follow various movements. of the Japan Professional Football League Get all channels of SIAMSPORT


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