We are trying to prevent the escalation of tension on the borders of Lebanon and Israel

We are trying to prevent the escalation of tension on the borders of Lebanon and Israel

to report Jam Jam onlineFarhan Haq, Deputy Spokesman of the United Nations, added on Tuesday local time to reporters: We are concerned about the increase in tensions along the borders of Lebanon and Israel, and we are doing our best to prevent the escalation of tensions. We are concerned about cases of clashes along the blue line of the border.

Regarding the targeting of two Al-Mayadeen journalists by the Israeli regime, he said: We always believe that journalists should be kept away from harm and we condemn any killing of them. We hope that the parties will take seriously the need to reduce tensions.

Al-Mayadeen Network announced at noon today that the Israeli army fighters bombed a news team of this network, and in the course of it, reporter Farah Omar and cameraman Rabi Al-Maamari were martyred.

The Islamic Resistance of Lebanon, led by Hezbollah, released a statement about the “initial response” of its forces to the targeting of journalists and the martyrdom of two members of Al-Mayadeen network staff by the Israeli regime and announced: a team of “combat forces” of the military intelligence of the Israeli regime in the outskirts of the town We targeted al-Manara with 2 missiles.

It is stated in this statement: The targeting of the Zionist regime’s soldiers in al-Manara colony has resulted in the deaths and injuries of members of this regime.

American website Axios reported on Monday local time, citing two American and Israeli officials: Amos Hochstein, Biden’s senior adviser, arrived in Tel Aviv on Monday to discuss with senior Israeli officials about preventing a war between Israel and Lebanon.

US officials say the White House is increasingly concerned about Israeli military action in Lebanon and escalating tensions along the border that could lead to a regional war.

Some in the Biden administration worry that Israel is trying to provoke Hezbollah and create a pretext for a wider war in Lebanon that could draw the United States and other countries into the war.
Israeli authorities have denied this.

Hochstein arrived in Israel after a day of intensifying clashes between Hezbollah and the Israel Defense Forces on the border.

A senior Israeli official said: Israel asked America to diplomatically pressure Hezbollah to withdraw its special forces known as Rezvan from the border with Israel.

In recent days and weeks, following the terrible crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip and the bloodshed of a large number of Palestinians in this city, Lebanon’s Hezbollah has targeted the military positions of this regime in the north of the occupied territories. An issue that has caused the fear of the Zionists living in these areas.

The Zionist army has targeted the border areas of Lebanon with artillery attacks in the past few days. So far, tens of thousands of Zionists have left the Lebanese border towns for fear of resistance attacks.

On Saturday, October 15, 2023, the Palestinian resistance groups launched a surprise operation called “Al-Aqsa Storm” from Gaza (southern Palestine) against the positions of the occupying Quds regime. It has closed all crossings in the Gaza Strip and is bombarding this area.

The security and military support of the West, especially the United States of America, to the Israeli regime under the pretext of self-defense is practically a green light and a license for this regime to brutally kill Palestinian children and women.


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