“We come to Tibet to celebrate the New Year”

“We come to Tibet to celebrate the New Year”

The Spring Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals of the Chinese nation, and the Spring Festival holiday is also a golden period for leisure travel for people across the country.

This year coincides with the “meeting” of the Spring Festival and the Tibetan New Year. With the help of the “Winter Travel to Tibet” preferential policy, there are many tourists visiting scenic spots in various parts of the Tibet Autonomous Region, and the popularity of the tourism market is rising. While enjoying the beautiful scenery of the plateau in Tibet, tourists experienced unique folk customs and spent a special New Year festival.

Early in the morning on the first day of the Lunar New Year, Xiao Zhou, a tourist from Jiangsu Province, went out early to welcome the new year with a set of photos in Tibetan attire in the ancient city of Lhasa.

“This visit to Tibet finally fulfilled my long-held wish of traveling to Tibet with my relatives and friends. I will come again next year if I have the opportunity!” Xiao Zhou said.

At a self-driving camp in Lhasa, the festive window grilles on the RV, the steaming New Year’s Eve dinner in the tent, and the laughter from time to time are filled with a strong New Year flavor.

Chen Jian, a tourist from Chongqing, said: “This is my sixth time in Tibet, but it is my first time to celebrate the New Year in Lhasa. Friends from all over the country gather here to celebrate the New Year together, which is very unforgettable!”

On February 11, in Linzhi City Gongbu Park, a garden activity hosted by the Linzhi Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department attracted the attention of tourists. The event site was full of people, laughing and playing games, singing and dancing together.

“I didn’t expect to catch up with the park activities just after arriving in Linzhi. The staff also gave me souvenirs. I was really happy.” Ma Minghui, a tourist from Sichuan, said.

In Linzhi Basongcuo Scenic Area, tourists are not only impressed by the natural beauty here, but also have great interest in Gongbu folk culture. They enjoy shooting arrows, tasting butter tea, wearing Gongbu clothes, and riding horses.

“The natural landscape and cultural customs here are unique and charming. After finally having a relatively long vacation, I took my children to Linzhi to experience a different way of celebrating the New Year and broaden their horizons.” Huang Liangdai, a tourist from Guangdong The first stop with their 8-year-old son was at the secret land of Medog. The scenery along the way made the father and son constantly marvel.

Isn’t it great to have friends coming from far away? On February 9, buses arrived at Tashi Qudeng Community, Changzhu Town, Nedong District, Shannan City. Local residents dressed in festive costumes enthusiastically presented white Hada to tourists. , pick up the auspicious Chema, pour the mellow highland barley wine, and warmly welcome the guests from afar. The community has also specially set up experience activities such as archery, Tibetan incense making, and writing Spring Festival couplets for tourists, so that tourists can feel the unique and strong New Year flavor.

At the Tashi Qudeng Community Square, Zhang Zirui, a tourist from Hunan, said excitedly: “It’s our first time to come to Tibet to celebrate the New Year. Today we ate a lot of Tibetan food and experienced Tibetan incense making. It was very fun!”

The Yarlung Tashi Sherba Tibetan Opera Performance is a unique cultural brand of Tashi Quden Community. The exquisite costumes and powerful singing aroused warm applause from the audience. After the Tibetan opera performance, the tourists were eager to have a try, stepped onto the stage, and sang beautiful songs one after another.

In Liuqiong Village, Gongga County, Shannan City, tourists were also warmly welcomed by the villagers.

Liuqiong Village faces the Yajiang River in the south and has mountains at its back. Cows and sheep roam among it, and cats and dogs lazily bask in the sun. The quiet and beautiful time makes tourists feel relaxed.

Walking in Liuqiong Village, you can see lifelike paintings on the walls and hanging on the trees, like a colorful fairy tale kingdom. Tourists take pictures one after another.

Scenes of unique plateau scenery, exciting cultural activities, and authentic experience projects… make the majority of tourists full of interest and lingering.

Picture 1: On February 11, there were many tourists on Potala Palace Square.

Figure 2: Recently, tourists played on the frozen Namtso Lake.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Sun Fei


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