We provided more than two billion dollars to food security projects…and the children of Gaza are an example of deprivation and suffering

We provided more than two billion dollars to food security projects…and the children of Gaza are an example of deprivation and suffering

The advisor participated in the King’s CourtY General Supervisor ofYes King Salman Relief CentreH AndBusiness themanYH Today FY TopH GlobalH Ofsecurity FoodY HeldH FY The capitalH BritishH London, in the presence of the British Prime MinisterY feathersY Sunak, Foreign SecretaryH BritainY David CameronAnd the President of SomaliaY Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud, a number of ministers, and leaders of the bodiesUmmmYH AndprovinceYH International, civil society, and concerned partiesH related to.

Dr. Abdullah explainedH the springH FY to talkH toH, He sits downH A work entitled “NahAnd EliminateYes Hunger and eradicationYes Malnutrition” is the subject of thisH He sat downH Important, butH Unfortunately, it’s not new. AndI’m not sure we will achieve Goals DevelopmentH SustainableH By 2030, there is more Of the 52 million children suffering from wastingchildrenMany have lost their lives recently or They were deprived of nutritionH Because of the current crises, such as what we are witnessingH Today FY Gaza.

His Excellency added: The interventions of the King Salman Relief CenterH Addresses the issues ofsecurity FoodY And nutritionH With strategic adoptionH Integrate nutrition programsH With thesecurity FoodY And waterH And correct drainageY health interventions; To save aliveH thechildren Those exposed to danger, by trapsH With international organizationsH and non-governmental organizationsH InternationalH and non-governmental organizationsH Local; so Provided by the King Salman Relief CenterMore Of two billion dollars My commandKY FY The projectssecurity Food, and $179 millionY theActivities RelatedH With nutrition.

AndB reportedthatH To meetH Growing needsH FY Related issuesH With malnutritionH Ofchildren The King Salman Relief Center operatesH Closely with governments and organizations to unify efforts and implement projectsY all Around the world, Pointing out to Our partnerships with the MinistryH ExternalH and Commonwealth Affairs and DevelopmentH BritishH And others are successfulH And he datedH, You can become a role modelYes with it.

He emphasized my importanceH Enabling countries and communities to obtainYes Food resourcesH SustainableH, And the ways of farmersH Modern, with necessityH Lifting imposed restrictionsH perhapsYes MerchantsH Food.. as the transfer of the identifierH FY Agriculture fieldH And makersH The most nourishingH And the correct oneH very important, AndIt should notY To forgetYes My importanceH correctH WomenH theT It will be reflected in turnHa perhapsYes BoysChildren More correctOh.

He called Dr. SpringH FY Conclusion of my speechH to Focus onYes Achieve theGoals SubscriberheThe representedH FY Live guaranteeSafe And prosperousH For all thechildrenAnd work together for preventionH One of the challenges of malnutritionH, And not just treat it.

It is worth noting that QomH It included development ministersH And the correct oneH And agricultureH Scientists, innovators and civil society organizationsY Multiple institutionsH Parties, including FY That’s financial institutionsH InternationalH And the private sector, to mobilize support, which helps to find lasting solutionsH appropriateH For the future to change the situation and prevent the lack of…security FoodY And malnutrition.


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