We see that there are countries that consider themselves first class

We see that there are countries that consider themselves first class

Kurtulmuş, an Indonesian graduate from schools in Turkey, attended the Yunus Emre Institute in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, where he came to attend the 9th Parliament Speakers Meeting of MIKTA, which is formed by Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey and Australia. met with young people.

In his speech here, Kurtulmuş wished that Yunus Emre Institute’s work in this country would lead to beneficial and good works.

Stating that Indonesians accept Yunus Emre Institute as a center to learn Turkish and Turkish culture, Kurtulmuş expressed his hope that the institute will contribute to many young people learning Turkish.

Stating that Yunus Emre Institute is one of Turkey’s important soft powers in many parts of the world, Kurtulmuş said that it is possible to contact friends and brothers all over the world with the Maarif Foundation, TIKA, the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities and foundations, and that there are artifacts heirlooms from our ancestors there. He noted that efforts are being made to revive them, if any, and to present them for the benefit of humanity.

“In this context, Yunus Emre Institute is one of Turkey’s most important foreign policy powers in recent years,” said Kurtulmuş, stating that good services were provided in promoting Turkish and Turkish culture through Yunus Emre Institute, and congratulated those who contributed to this issue.

Drawing attention to the potentials of Indonesia and Turkey, Kurtulmuş said that despite the distance between the countries, the hearts and minds of their people are very close to each other.

Stating that the bonds of brotherhood, despite the long distance, lead to rapprochement in every aspect, Kurtulmuş said that after the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş on February 6, Indonesians rushed to their friends and brothers in Turkey and supported both search and rescue activities and aid activities, an unforgettable sign of friendship. He noted that it was.


Kurtulmuş stated that the world has entered a period in which it will experience great difficulties, and pointed out that the economic, social, political and cultural problems experienced today are actually a bundle of crises caused by the modern Western values ​​that have dominated the world with their institutions, organizations and paradigm for the last two centuries.

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Kurtulmuş, said that the way to get out of these difficulties that the world is in is to ensure that the world of thought that creates all these problems changes, rather than trying to solve the problems by taking them one by one.

Reminding that there are regional conflicts in many parts of the world, Kurtulmuş continued as follows:

“We see that there are countries in the world that see themselves as first class and other people as second or third class. Finally, the main reason behind this war between Palestine and Israel is not just a power struggle, it is not just a matter of the Israelis to expel our Palestinian brothers from there, but also It stems from the fact that they see themselves as first-class people and the Palestinians there as second-third class people. Therefore, the main source of the current problem between Israel and Palestine is not political, but a big, grave problem related to thought, philosophy, and the view of humanity and the world. They consider themselves to be elite. “Those who regard it as a race see not only all the people living in that region, but also people all over the world, as slaves tasked to serve them.”


Stating that the period we are living in imposes great responsibilities, especially on the young Muslim generations, Kurtulmuş said, “There is a need for a new idea, a new understanding and a new orientation.” said.

Stating that while building a new orientation, the perspective of humans on earth must be defined in order to define the world, Kurtulmuş said:

“All people are equal to each other in terms of being ‘similar in creation’. It is not possible for anyone who does not believe this to see people as equal. Unfortunately, 5 thousand children in Gaza have now been killed and martyred. They create a hierarchy among people. We do not believe that anywhere in the world even a single person We don’t want him to die. But they mourn for a child who died or was murdered in Ukraine. The 5 thousand children killed in Palestine have no value at all. They ignore it. Because they do not see humans as equal in creation. Who is that Palestinian? Like the marginalized people of the Middle East They look at each other without moving a hair. They do not show the slightest human activity in their conscience. Therefore, in order to establish a new world, the first thing is to correct the perspective on humans. The most important thing that the Muslim world of mind has given us here is the principle that humans are equal in creation. In other words, each human being is a human being. .”

Emphasizing that there is no hierarchy among any of the world’s nations, Kurtulmuş said, “What is the point where we criticize the world system today? Five countries are higher than the 195 countries in the world. Because they have established this system on the hierarchy of powers. If a new world is talked about, it is absolutely necessary to accept the issue of sovereign equality of countries.” We have to.” he said.

After his speech, Kurtulmuş also answered the questions of Indonesian young people.

Chairman of the Turkey-Indonesia Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group, AK Party Kayseri Deputy Ayşe Böhürler, AK Party Yalova Deputy Ahmet Büyükgümüş, İYİ Party Bursa Deputy Hasan Toktaş and Turkey’s Jakarta Ambassador Talip Küçükcan also attended the program.


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