We threw it away as garbage! However, swallowing even one of them prevents that problem…

We threw it away as garbage!  However, swallowing even one of them prevents that problem…

We threw it away as garbage. Unknown effect of olive seeds! We generally threw it away as garbage. However, olive seeds should not be thrown away. See what problem disappears thanks to olive seeds. Here’s what you need to know about olive seeds.

Olives are among the most beneficial foods in the world. It turns out that olive seeds are as beneficial as olives.

Olives are among the most consumed foods in the world. Many studies have drawn attention to the importance of olives. Especially black olives are among the most useful types of olives. The seeds of the olives as well as the olives themselves turned out to be very useful.

Mavikadin.com In a content published on the website; Details that everyone should know about olive seeds have been shared. See what is the use of olive seeds if swallowed?

It is very common for people to swallow olive seeds to cure health problems such as hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, and stomach diseases. So, what are the benefits and harms of swallowing olive seeds? Can olive seeds be swallowed? Here is the information doctors give on this subject:

Can Olive Seeds Be Swallowed?

Doctor Fevzi Özgönül, can olive seeds be swallowed? Is it beneficial to health? He answered the question: “Just as we eat almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts and get stronger, swallow olive seeds to reduce heartburn, strengthen your intestines and eliminate constipation.” Dr. states that olive seeds are effective against constipation and that olive seeds will ferment with stomach acid. Fevzi Özgönül stated that he has been swallowing 3 olive seeds every day for a long time. Dr. says that everything about olives should be evaluated. Fevzi Özgönül said that olive seeds will be absorbed in the body.


The structure of the olive seed is hard because it contains plenty of cellulose, it cannot be eaten by chewing, but digestive enzymes and stomach acid can easily dissolve this cellulosic substance and reveal its very valuable essence, which contains the power of an olive tree.

Dr. noted that this extract of olive seeds will strengthen the inner surface of the stomach and reduce burning in people with heartburn. Fevzi Özgönül said: (It helps in the problem of constipation by strengthening the intestine.

It has been found in research that it relieves many disorders related to the digestive system. 1-2 olive seeds swallowed during breakfast will strengthen the digestive system by at least activating the enzyme that dissolves cellulose, thus facilitating the digestion of many foods containing cellulose. Thanks to our enzymes and stomach acid that completely dissolve the cellulosic structure of the olive seed, do not be afraid when you swallow the olive seed, your intestines will not be blocked and the sharp ends of the olive seed will not harm you. I have not come across any medical research showing harm caused by swallowing olive seeds. For this reason, I have been swallowing 2-3 olive seeds 3-4 days a week for about 3 months. “I feel like all the olive pits I swallow are melting in my digestive system.”,



Olive seed is a material with beneficial properties. Here are some things you can do with olive seeds:

– To make a natural peeling: Grind olive seeds and mix them with coconut oil. Apply this mixture to your skin by massaging it and then rinse with warm water. This peeling will help cleanse your skin from dead cells.

– To use as a spice rack: Dry the olive pits and then pass them through a spice grinder. This spice will add flavor to your meals.

– To use for decorative purposes: Put the olive seeds in a decoration bowl and use them to decorate your home. It is an ideal option especially for those who want a natural and rustic look.

– For use as fuel: Olive pits can be used for heating by burning them like wood. However, be careful and use appropriately.


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