Weather forecast, last 10 days of November extremes: wind, storms and snow on the coasts

Weather forecast, last 10 days of November extremes: wind, storms and snow on the coasts

Last 10 days of November with a bang: the weather will have lots of surprises in store for us. Prudence and detailed analysis for the third decade of the month.

Lorenzo Tedicimeteorologist of the website, invites everyone to be extremely cautious in the next 10 days, in particular for the Central-Southern Italian sector.

Let’s start in the next few hours: a cyclone will impact Italy with strong winds and rain. In detail, intense rainfall is expected in Emilia Romagna and Marche, but the phenomena will also be widespread in the rest of the central regions (including Sardinia) and Campania.
The winds will tend to intensify, as in all cyclones, and the direction of origin will be mostly from the North-East: these winds, coming from the North, will therefore also bring a general decrease in maximum temperatures, especially in the Centre.

But the main cyclonic activity will develop between Wednesday and Thursday with the vortex moving towards the South: on Wednesday 22 November intense rain is expected first in the Middle Adriatic and Lower Tyrrhenian Sea, also with snowfall in the hills between Marche and Molise; the minimum snow level will be around 900 metres. From the evening, however, even more attention: abundant phenomena will be possible between Sicily and Ionian Calabria which will continue also on Thursday 23rd.

The November 23in fact, seems to be the worst day of this first disturbed phase: the models agree in predicting cloudbursts on the Ionian side, with accumulations above 100 mm/24 hours between Salento, Ionian Calabria and eastern and northern Sicily.
In short, the cyclone will develop maximum power by November 23rd, thanks to the still warm seas in the South: all the heat from the water will transform into very dangerous autumn storms.

A truce, during this eventful third decade of November, is expected for Friday 24th: but immediately after, the last week of the month will be ready to surprise us again.

In fact, on Saturday 25th more rain is expected in the South and snow in the hills in the Center on the Middle Adriatic: this forecast also confirms an initial gradual but strong drop in temperatures across the entire country; On Sunday morning the first widespread frosts in the plains could be seen in the Centre-North, the first significant cold of the season.

However, analyzing the trend, obviously to be confirmed, we discover from the maps another extreme figure: an ‘Arctic saber strike’ could hit the Center-South at the end of the month with snow right up to the Adriatic coasts. The classic flow of freezing air is expected to descend from Russia with winter-style snow phenomena: in short, in the next 10 days we will experience a roller coaster of weather, from the windy cyclone to the flood rains, up to the arctic saber strike possible between Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th November.

If all these forecasts, some of which are long-term and therefore to be carefully evaluated, are confirmed, we expect a drop in temperatures of 16 degrees in 10 days: from a tail end of summer to a freezing winter in just one decade.


Tuesday 21st

In the north: rain arriving in Emilia Romagna. In the center: bad weather in Marche and Umbria, then Abruzzo and the Apennines. In the south: unstable in Campania.

Wednesday 22

In the north: prevailing sun, strong northeasterly winds. In the center: bad weather on the Adriatic with snow at 900 meters. Strong winds from the northeast. In the south: highly unstable. Windy.

Thursday 23

In the north: prevailing sun. In the center: some phenomenon on the Adriatic, windy elsewhere. In the south: extreme bad weather between Calabria and Sicily, risk of floods. Strong winds.

Trend: gradual improvement also in the South but gradually colder; frosts in the plains in the Centre-North over the weekend.


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