Welcome the Spring in style!TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park is full of Chinese New Year flavor

Welcome the Spring in style!TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park is full of Chinese New Year flavor

Tianjin Northern Network News:lunar New Year,Many citizens and tourists choose to visitTEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme ParkofAppreciate the infinite charm of traditional Chinese culture and feel the flavor of the New Year in the rich activities.

Entering the park, you can feel the festive atmosphere everywhere——Giant in front of the tourist information centerThe landscape shape with the word “spring” is shining; special couplets, window grilles, the word “Fu” and palace lanterns made by the aircraft carrier can be seen everywhere; walking through the Russian style street, the lantern promenade with Chinese temperament is particularly spectacular; the New Year’s lanterns placed under the “Kiev” aircraft carrier The series of national trend blessing palace lanterns are based on traditional folk customs and the novel presentation method is eye-catching; the check-in and photo-taking landscape “Year of the Dragon Zodiac Lantern” created in the boarding hall of the aircraft carrier Kiev is particularly eye-catching.Looking around, the entire park shows the most beautiful Chinese red.

From the second day to the seventh day of the Spring Festival, the aircraft carrier night venue is open.The special edition of the Spring Festival aircraft carrier fireworks show “Bringing the New Year with Flames and the Year of the Dragon” will be held brilliantly for the first time this year. There will be six shows for six consecutive days, each with tens of thousands of salutes fired on the sea, on the ship, and in the park..

The second day of the Lunar New Year,fireworks showfirst day,TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme ParkWelcoming over 10,000 visitors,Sonar Square is crowded.night falls,The discharge height reachesThe 200-meter-large super-sized fireworks sparkled in the night sky, and nearly a thousand drones took off simultaneously to draw New Year-themed patterns, kicking off a beautiful New Year feast for Jincheng..

The fireworks in the night sky illuminate the smiling faces of every tourist.Mou Siming, a tourist from Northeast China, told reporters,“todayIt happens to be my birthday,Very happy to come to the aircraft carrier theme park,Aircraft carrier Kiev,Learn military science and technology knowledge,Savor the Chinese New Year flavor with a fusion of Chinese and Western styles,Enjoy the dazzling fireworks,This is an unforgettable birthday,A special second day of the new year,It’s very fulfilling and it’s really a worthwhile trip..

In addition, in terms of theme performances, the Spring Festival activities revolve around the core of TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme ParkThe IP “Kiev” aircraft carrier and two domestic retired warships, submarines and destroyers have evolved. Three mascots carefully created by the park will officially meet tourists; Russian actors wear unique and colorful national costumes, accompanied by unique national music , singing and dancing, lively and lively; ten folk craftsmen will board the aircraft carrier to carry out colorful New Year folk activities and produce various handmade food and play works on site.Authentic traditional New Year customsCollision with elements of the Year of the Dragon, allowing tourists toIntegrating into the Spring Festivalsweetupsurge. During the Spring Festival, the famous domestic lion dance team Bilintang was specially invited to stay on the aircraft carrier to watch the plum blossom pile lion dance set the aircraft carrier ablaze;Popular domestic giant puppet troupeWillShow up at the park,showbyThree large-scale auspicious animal performance devices with the theme of “The Classic of Mountains and Seas” – Lushu, Qilin and Pixiu – are the protagonists, creating a situational performance of “The Classic of Mountains and Seas” to take tourists on a tour of the wonderland of the mountains and seas; the large-scale real-life performance “Speed ​​Car Stunts” will be staged during the Spring Festival, and the scene Challenge the difficult moves and watch the speed and passion of the Chinese people.

“The eight-day Spring Festival holiday this year provides favorable conditions for everyone to travel, and the Spring Festival tourism market is booming. In order to meet everyone’s expectations for high-quality performances, we opened night shows for the first time during the Spring Festival. The much-anticipated aircraft carrier fireworks show returned for a limited time, and a series of New Year’s The event hopes to bring tourists the most immersive, lively and indulgent aircraft carrier tour experience.” said the person in charge of the TEDA Aircraft Carrier Planning and Publicity Department. (Photography by Jinyun News reporter Chen Runing and Liu Naiwen)


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