Welcome to the New Year Exhibition: Charming and beautiful Huangshan illuminates London

Welcome to the New Year Exhibition: Charming and beautiful Huangshan illuminates London

The 2024 “Spring Around the World” New Year Celebration in London, UK, was held in Trafalgar Square, London, on the morning of the 11th local time, bringing cheerful and warm New Year blessings to people.

King Charles III of the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Sunak, and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan sent congratulatory messages. Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom Zheng Zeguang and his wife Counselor Hua Mei, Chairman of the London Chinatown Chamber of Commerce Deng Zhuting, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, and Xi Jinping Mayor McAllister and other Chinese and foreign guests gathered together to celebrate the arrival of the Spring Festival. Nearly a million visitors watched the grand celebrations and parades.

2024 “Spring from all over the world” New Year celebration in London, UK. (Photo courtesy of London Chinatown Chamber of Commerce)

The New Year celebrations in Trafalgar Square have been held for 23 years. Dragon and lion dances, magic and martial arts, float parades, specialty product markets, etc. attract the active participation of many overseas Chinese in the UK, international students, representatives of Chinese and British institutions, British people and tourists from all over the world every year.

The staff introduces Huangshan to tourists. (Photo courtesy of London Chinatown Chamber of Commerce)

The Huangshan booth was extremely popular. (Photo courtesy of London Chinatown Chamber of Commerce)

On this festive day, the beautiful scenery of Huangshan Mountain also spans thousands of miles, adding a strong Chinese element to the London New Year celebrations. Red lanterns with the Huangshan tourism logo are displayed in London’s Chinatown, and electronic screens in Trafalgar Square and Shakespeare Avenue play Huangshan tourism promotional videos in a loop. Huangshan’s five unique scenic spots are like a dream, making people feel like they are in a fairyland. . Thousand-year-old Huizhou-style buildings are nestled among the green mountains and green waters. The clear Xin’an River paints the most beautiful landscape gallery in China. The urban charm and beautiful scenery of Huangshan are unforgettable.

The Huangshan promotional video was played on the electronic screen in Trafalgar Square. (Photo courtesy of London Chinatown Chamber of Commerce)

In the day’s activity manual, Huangshan Tourism specially designed and produced a “Greater Huangshan” promotion column to showcase the rich cultural tourism resources of Huangshan, Chizhou, Xuancheng and Anqing to Chinese and foreign tourists, and promote “Greater Huangshan’s world-class leisure and vacation tourism”. the international spread of “Nurture Tourism Destination”. In addition, the organizers held Huangshan photo exhibitions in Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square. Exquisite pictures such as the majestic welcoming pine, the white-walled Hongcun Village, the picturesque Taiping Lake, and the mysterious Huashan Mystery Cave have attracted many tourists to stop and watch and take photos.

The staff distributes tourism promotional leaflets to tourists. (Photo courtesy of London Chinatown Chamber of Commerce)

Chinese and foreign tourists enjoy the Huangshan photo exhibition. (Photo courtesy of London Chinatown Chamber of Commerce)

In recent years, Huangshan Tourism has continued to increase its overseas publicity efforts, innovated publicity methods, and continued to speak out in the tourism inbound market. It has participated in many events such as the Berlin Travel Fair in Germany, the New York Asian Culture Festival, the United Nations Special Exhibition, and New York’s “Chinese Night”. Cultural tourism exchange activities with international influence. At the same time, Huangshan Tourism continues to strengthen the operation of social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram,

This is the fifth time that Huangshan Tourism has participated in the New Year celebrations in London, UK. It is one of the specific measures to implement Huangshan City’s “Creative Huangshan Beauty in Huizhou” city brand global promotion plan. By displaying the beauty of Huangshan Mountain on the international stage and promoting Huizhou culture, the international influence of the Huangshan brand IP has been greatly enhanced. In the next step, Huangshan Tourism will still closely adhere to the two top IPs of “Huangshan and Huizhou”, innovate communication methods and international expressions, carry out an all-round global promotion plan for Greater Huangshan, continue to polish the “Huangshan of China, Huangshan of the World” brand, and create a “Dahuang Mountain” contributes to the world-class leisure, vacation, health and wellness tourism destination. (Quan Wei)

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