What are the benefits of oranges: an unprecedented list of vitamins

What are the benefits of oranges: an unprecedented list of vitamins

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An orange contains many useful substances.

Orange pulp contains a lot of sugar, pectins, and citric acid. Also, oranges contain a large amount of iron, potassium, magnesium, silicon, phosphorus and iodine, writes pixelinform.

A pleasant acidity hints that he chose vitamin C as his place of residence. But this is not the end yet. Orange is home to B vitamins.

The peel contains essential oils, pectin and vitamins. In the loose white substance, which is called albedo, you can find pectins and bioflavonoids, which have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Benefits of oranges

Improvement of appetite.

Promote wound healing.

They strengthen the heart.

They reduce the viscosity of blood plasma.

The unpleasant consequences of tachycardia are reduced.

Strengthen blood vessels.

Contribute to lowering the rates of obesity.

In a short period of time, they make up for the lack of vitamins.

Allow to reduce the effects of depression.

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Useful in the postoperative period.

Normalize digestion.

Improves well-being.

Normalize metabolism.

Strengthen teeth and gums.

Improves immunity, mood and work capacity.

They prolong the youth of the body, accelerate the regeneration of tissues, and preserve the elasticity of the skin.

Help reduce weight.

Who should refrain from oranges

Oranges should be avoided in case of malfunction of the gallbladder. Urinary stone disease is in the risk group. Some relaxations are possible with appropriate consultation with a doctor.

Orange is an allergen. Oranges should not be consumed if a person has gastritis and intestinal inflammation. Oranges are contraindicated for diabetics. Do not forget about individual intolerance.

To strengthen immunity in winter, the body needs vitamins. The best source is fruit. Oranges contain a lot of ascorbic acid, vitamin P, calcium and fruit acids. These fruits strengthen the nervous system and immunity, cleanse the liver, thin the blood, normalize the work of the intestines, strengthen bones and teeth.

Store oranges at room temperature. If you want to preserve them as long as possible, wrap each fruit in tissue paper and put it in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator. So they will lie for three weeks.


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