What does hallmark mean on jewelry made of precious metals? Infographics | Economics | Money

What does hallmark mean on jewelry made of precious metals?  Infographics |  Economics |  Money

The state hallmark must be applied to each piece of jewelry made of gold, platinum and palladium, this means that the state has checked the content of the precious metal and guarantees its compliance with the established hallmark, explained aif.ru Head of the Federal Assay Office Yuri Zubarev.

“The stamp is the profile of a girl in a kokoshnik, next to which a sample is affixed. The most popular standard for gold is 585, and for silver 925,” he said. — The content of chemically pure gold in the 585-carat product is 58.5%. The remaining 41.5% of the alloy consists of the so-called alloy – various additives that give the jewelry alloy certain properties. Such additives usually include silver, copper, palladium and other metals.”

The mark and test can be applied to the jewelry mechanically – leaving an indented imprint, or it can be done by laser engraving, Zubarev added.

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“The laser mark is as durable as a mechanical one, but less noticeable,” warns the head of the assay office. “You have to look more closely to find it.”

In addition, the product must have a micro QR code, which encrypts the unique product number, the expert added. Using this number on the website of the assay office or through a special mobile application, you can see all the characteristics of the jewelry, who made it and when, and who is selling it. If the information on the website matches the information on the tag, then it is safe to buy; if not, then it is better to refrain and look for something more reliable.

What types of precious metals there are, see the infographics aif.ru

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