What fashion trends will be popular in spring 2024? | Beauty secrets | Health

What fashion trends will be popular in spring 2024?  |  Beauty secrets |  Health

Spring is a time of renewal not only of nature, but also of the wardrobe. What should fashionistas wear in the spring of 2024?

White dresses and shabby

Russian stylist Alexander Rogov named the main trends for the spring-summer season 2024. He wrote about this in his Telegram channel. “The main trends for the coming year are shabby, childish, western and an abundance of decorations on bags,” the report says. The expert added that “aged and artificially deconstructed items are an absolute must have of the season.”

Rogov also advised buying white dresses, which will become another trend of the season.

Green is the new color of the season

Stylist Anastasia Khokhlova believes that the main color of spring 2024, according to the Pantone Institute, will be not only the color “peach fuzz”, but also green, which dominated fashion shows. “Some designers make full-fledged total looks out of green, combining different shades – however, calmer tones still come to the fore: marsh, khaki, emerald, but not neon. Others are making the trend more casual and using green as an accent color. For example, basic white sneakers can be made more interesting with the help of green laces, and a trendy set of a green hat and scarf will add relevance to a walking look,” commented Anastasia Khokhlova.

The expert is sure that trends that have not lost their relevance for many years will be popular this spring. This is a metallic effect, allowing you to create elegant looks, and knitted balaclavas.

Fur headphones for slavic girl

An unexpected trend that gained popularity a couple of months ago is slavic girl (“Slavic girl style”). “With the arrival of spring, it is unlikely to lose its relevance, although it will undergo some changes. Thus, massive fur hats will be replaced by fur headphones. And given the fashion renaissance of the late 2000s and early 1900s, fur headphones will be an excellent starting point for creating images in these aesthetics,” Khokhlova explained.

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Daring bombers

Among the timeless spring 2024 trends are bomber jackets. “The bomber jacket is a super thing that can be worn over a tracksuit or a dress with leg warmers. We recommend paying special attention to leather bombers – they are the most daring of all possible models, although, on the other hand, nylon versions have already become classics, which, moreover, protect from rain and wind,” said stylist Yulia Manukova.

A university bomber jacket in a color-block style will help create a look in the aesthetics of preppy or old money, if you combine it with straight blue jeans, a jumper and white sneakers.



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