What gifts do women consider offensive on February 14? | Psychology of life | Health

What gifts do women consider offensive on February 14?  |  Psychology of life |  Health

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that lovers celebrate with pleasure. Despite the inconsistency of the holiday associated with its origin, Russian women expect gifts from their partners on this day. More than 36.8% of women admitted that they were expecting something more on February 14 than a chocolate bar, a card or flowers. But here’s what you definitely shouldn’t give.

What gift did women say was the most offensive?

On Valentine’s Day, 19.8% of respondents named huge soft toys, especially teddy bears, as the worst gift. This speaks of a man’s complete lack of imagination and is considered the most cliché, and not at all a sweet and desirable gift.

Offensive kitchen utensils or small appliances are pretty close to this. This gift, by the way, annoys women on March 8th.

What else is on the list of unsuccessful presents for February 14?

Mugs, notebooks and wardrobe items will also not please women. The list also included: textile bouquets, wall paintings, anti-stress pillows and perfume (yes, men most often do not guess with it). It should be noted that SMS congratulations are also not enough and some of the women admitted that they were very upset by this approach to the holiday.

8.8% of women noted that for them a gift on Valentine’s Day is a true proof of feelings. But more than half – 54.4% – noted that they are happy with any surprise, regardless of holidays.

Fortunately, 24.6% of respondents noted that they hint at what kind of gift hotels would like to receive, and 45.6% say in plain text so that there are no embarrassing situations.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated by 28.1% of respondents, and 40.4% think that this holiday is a marketing ploy.



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