What happened today November 21st: the news of the day

What happened today November 21st: the news of the day

The Israeli government meets at 8pm, the exchange would include the release of three Palestinian prisoners for every Israeli hostage. Minister Ben Gvir: “Big risk”. Two reporters killed in southern Lebanon, media: “It was Israeli fire”

A photo with her daughter, mother and grandmother as a response to yesterday’s words from the host of Otto e mezzo who defined her as an “expression of patriarchal culture”. And now she adds: “Her attack demonstrates a desire for dialogue. But dangerous when a prime minister lashes out against the press”

From the investigation papers, here is the reconstruction of the night between 11 and 12 November. The judge: “Unheard of ferocity and manifest inhumanity of Filippo Turetta”

And tomorrow Minister Valditara presents the “Educating about relationships” plan

The man then attempted to take his own life by ingesting barbiturates

It happened in Erba, in the province of Como. A man who was trying to defend her was also slightly injured

Today in Kiev Charles Michel, the Moldovan president and surprisingly the German Defense Minister, who announces 1.3 billion euros in military aid. Drones shot down over Russian regions. In Hungary, Orbán launches referendum on aid to Ukraine. The tenth anniversary of Euromaidan

Tajani responds to Montecitorio on the protocol, the majority deserts the Chamber, then approves the motion with 189 yes votes. The Democratic Party applauds the announcement of the presentation of a ratification bill: “Satisfied with the government’s U-turn”

Chiaroscuro judgment from Brussels, the stop to the Superbonus has been promoted but the deficit and debt are worrying. Gentiloni: “Prudence on the balance sheet”. Giorgetti: “Forward with realism”

The musician after his “dismissal” as a judge of the Sky talent show. “Like Berlusconi’s Bulgarian edict, only because I upset the interests of a shocking lobby”


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