What is Aydın famous for? Aydın’s Most Famous Dishes and Gifts to Buy

What is Aydın famous for?  Aydın’s Most Famous Dishes and Gifts to Buy


Aydin is a province located in the Aegean Region of Turkey. What is Aydin, one of Turkey’s most touristic cities, famous for? The answer to the question will be the food. Aydin’s local cuisine, consisting of medicinal herbs and vegetables, offers delicious dishes.

What is Aydın famous for?

The most famous dishes of Aydın are dishes with vegetables and olive oil, olive oil, chestnuts and figs. Aydın’s local souvenirs such as shalwar, uladu cover, and triplet are also famous. The most famous district of Adın city is Didim district, which hosts thousands of tourists every year. Didim province is a piece of heaven with its clean bays, beaches with deep blue seas and historical temples. There are accommodations suitable for everyone in the region, where tourism opportunities are well developed.

Aydın’s Most Famous Dishes and Gifts to Buy

Aydin cuisine is similar to Greek cuisine and Izmir cuisine. The main ingredient of Aydın dishes is olive oil. Aydin local cuisine mainly consists of dishes with vegetables, herbs and olive oil. 20-25% of Türkiye’s oil olive production is met by Aydın. For this reason, olive oil is of great importance for Aydın both economically and in terms of food culture. Memecik olive oil, Memecik olives and Yamalak yellow olives are among the geographically indicated and registered products of Aydın.

What is Aydın Famous for? The Most Famous Dishes of Aydın and the Gifts to BuyAYDIN’S MOST FAMOUS DISHES ARE:

Vegetable food

Mallow, Nettle, Ivy, Şevketi orchard

Radish grass, Kenker, Mustard grass, Tangle

Roasting Vinegar, Pincushion, Grapefruit

Celery dish, Black-eyed pea dish, Pepper dishes,

Leek dish, Artichoke dish,

Eggplant-pepper teretoru, Beetroot teretoru, Black-eyed pea teretoru appetizer

Meat foods

Çöp skewer, Çine meatballs

Stuffed bread, spicy casserole

Pasha pastry, imambayıldı

Topalak, Meaty artichoke, Minced meat pita

Keşkek, Chickpea stew with meat

Dalama tandoori, Camel sausage


Tarhana soup with black-eyed peas

dumpling soup

ear soup

Aydın is also a city rich in souvenirs. There are a wide variety of souvenirs in Aydın that you can gift to your loved ones.


Black ankle boots

Colorful and Aydin patterned refrigerator ornaments

Uladu Cover, Draw, Belt

Shalwar, Shirt, Üçetek

Fes, Fermene – Fermile

Kuşadası carpets

handicraft products

Gift products made of ceramic and glass materials

Karacasu soil products

Aydin olives, olive oil and Aydin figs

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