What is “love bombing”, this toxic behavior of which Stéphane Plaza is accused?

What is “love bombing”, this toxic behavior of which Stéphane Plaza is accused?

Three of his ex-partners accuse him of humiliation, threats as well as verbal and physical violence. Stéphane Plaza, one of the flagship hosts of M 6, who embodies certain programs such as “Research apartment or house” and “Chasseurs d’appart’”, is facing several damning testimonies, according to a Mediapart investigation published Thursday.

If the TV host, famous for his clumsiness, denies the facts, the media explains having received testimonies from two other women claiming to be victims of “love bombing”, a behavior within a couple synonymous with manipulation. This process, which could be translated as “love bombing” in French, consists of showering your partner with attention, affection and gifts, in an excessive manner, at an early stage of the relationship.

Often used by narcissistic perverts, this unhealthy method aims to gain the trust of others, so that the trap of toxicity closes quickly, leading to psychological control.

A sectarian process

“The most classic technique is that of us against others. We find it in sectarian cults and in domestic violence with a narcissistic pervert. The aggressor gives the victim the illusion that he is on his side, there is an us against the whole world that is established. It’s a technique for isolating the victim,” Annie Ferrand, a psychologist specializing in the treatment of psychotrauma, explains to 20 Minutes.

The latter cites “stunning clichés” such as ready-made phrases like “you and I are the only ones who understand each other”. Born in the 1970s, the term “love bombing” has its origins in the behavior of cult leaders, accused of attracting recruits by showering them with compliments and affection.

A first phase often followed by harsher measures, such as sleep deprivation or isolation, according to the New York Times. In her book “Cults in Our Modst”, Margaret Singer defines “love bombing” as “a coordinated effort” that involves flattery, verbal seduction, and a lot of attention, notes the American media .

Since then, “love bombing” has become a standard term in the field of domestic violence to describe patterns of manipulation by a partner.

“Passively obtain power and control”

Narcissistic people who use this strategy often do so unconsciously and it very often comes from low self-esteem, according to a study led by Claire Strutzenberg, doctor of Communication Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. The researcher is at the origin of the first study examining “love bombing” behaviors.

The latter describes this perverse love tendency as a way to “passively obtain power and control over the lives of others” and a “means of narcissistic self-improvement”. By expressing this overflowing and unhealthy love, narcissistic perverts hope to obtain “the affirmation that they are loved, beautiful and desired” in return, according to her.

As for the victims, these are often people who have had few healthy relationships in their lives and show apparent kindness, explains Charlie Huntington, a psychologist specializing in romantic relationships at the University of Denver. . Feeling intensely loved often leads them to feel a very powerful connection, making them dependent and vulnerable to manipulation.


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