What is Najaf Stone and what is its use? What are the Properties of Najaf Stone?

What is Najaf Stone and what is its use?  What are the Properties of Najaf Stone?


What is a Charity Stone?

In general, places where money and the like are left in mosques and similar places to meet the needs of those in need are known as alms stones. Charity stones, which date back to the Seljuk period, were used for charitable purposes at that time. Today, it is still used in many different mosques to provide financial support to help people. In this way, well-off people support people in need with the money they leave behind.

What is the use of alms stone?

The method designed to help poor people without offending them is known as charity stone. It is generally found in places such as mosques. People leave money and other items on the alms stone when entering or exiting the mosque. Although it has a deep-rooted history, it is still used for aid purposes in many places today. Thanks to the benefit it provides, it is possible to help people financially with great confidentiality. It is possible to say that it has an important place in this respect.

What is the Story of the Alms Stone?

The alms stone, approximately 2 meters tall and cylindrical or rectangular in shape, is used to help people. Especially during the Seljuk and Ottoman periods, there were some ideas to help poor people. However, these thoughts were not preferred because they were visible most of the time. The important thing is to help people without offending them. Under this idea, alms stones were designed in many different places during the Seljuk period, especially in mosques. Thus, from now on, when people asked for help in financial matters, they received support without anyone seeing it. It should be noted that it is an important support that is still evaluated in some places today.

What is the Importance of Charity Stone?

The most important aspect of the alms stone is that it provides material aid to people without offending them. In particular, people have the opportunity to help each other without any problems. At the same time, since it is confidential, it is not clear who is getting help and who is not. In this respect, it should be stated that the alms stone still has an important place today.


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