What is Obsidian Stone and What Does It Do? Where is Obsidian Stone Used?

What is Obsidian Stone and What Does It Do?  Where is Obsidian Stone Used?


What is Obsidian Stone?

Another name for obsidian stone is known as volcano glass. It is a type of rock that forms itself in nature. This stone, known as a rock of volcanic origin; It is formed by the rapid cooling of volcanic lava. Unlike other stones, the edges of the Obsidian stone are sharp and thin because it freezes without crystallization. Obsidian stone with its sharpness; It was used as a weapon of war by ancient civilizations and natives. Later, it started to be used as ornaments. Obsidian stone is among the most valuable stones today.

What is Obsidian Stone Used for?

Every human being; He is affected by the events he experienced in the past, and this also affects his future. The benefits of obsidian stone are revealed here. This stone; It relaxes the person by removing the negative energy from the human body. In addition, it is thought that it activates the positive emotions within. Obsidian stone helps everyone to know the person as themselves and to reveal the power they have. Some people believe that this stone, due to its sharp properties, will cause tension in the individual and contribute to the individual’s insistence on his emotions on such an issue. In this way, the effect of the stone has positive effects on life. The general situations where obsidian stone is useful are;

– Helps relieve joint and muscle pain.
– Cleanses the liver and reduces the negative effects caused by malnutrition.
– It helps to understand the thoughts and feelings coming from the environment more clearly.
– It calms down excessive excitement.
– It has high therapeutic power. So it reduces stress.
– It helps logical thinking.
– It allows men to have self-confidence.
– It allows you to be more comfortable spiritually.

Where is Obsidian Stone Used?

Obsidian stone is among the most valuable stones today and is used in many areas. Obsidian stone; It is used in areas such as cosmetics, alternative medicine, spa and jewelry.


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