What is the church holiday today, November 21, 2023

What is the church holiday today, November 21, 2023

What holiday are believers celebrating today, what can’t be done, and whose name day it is.

On November 21, according to the new church calendar, a great holiday is celebrated – Introduction to the Church of the Holy Virgin. The ego is also called Tretya Prechistaya among the people. We tell about traditions, prohibitions, folk signs of the day and who is honored on this day in the old style – in the material.

November 21, 2023 is a church holiday according to the new and old calendar

November 21 (December 4 according to the old style) marks one of the twelve most important holidays of the Orthodox Church – the Introduction to the Church of the Holy Mother of God.

According to surviving evidence, the parents of the Holy Mother of God, Joachim and Anna, had no children for a long time. They prayed a lot to God, and when their daughter was born, they made a vow that they would dedicate her to God. Little Mary lived with her parents in Nazareth until she was three years old, and then Joachim and Anna, together with their relatives, led their daughter to the Jerusalem temple to the singing of sacred songs and lit candles.

They were on the road for three days. Priests and Bishop Zachary met them in the church. Maria was led to the temple and placed on the first step, and she conquered the next 14 herself. High priest Zacharias (father of John the Baptist) led her into the altar and showed her the place of prayer. Maria lived at the temple until she was 15 years old: she read the Holy Scriptures, did needlework, and prayed. Then the high priest and priests advised her to get married, but Maria answered that she wanted to devote herself to God. Then, on the advice from above, the priest Zacharias offered the elderly Joseph to become Mary’s guardian, to become the keeper of her vow. They got engaged and went to Nazareth.

The introduction to the temple of the Holy Virgin is a very deep holiday in terms of content: having crossed the threshold of the Jerusalem temple, Mary was prepared to become an “animated temple”. Every person is also introduced into the Church through the Sacrament of Baptism – this is the introduction of a person into the church.

Holiday on November 21 in the old style – Archangel Michael Cathedral. Earlier we talked about what can and cannot be done on the church holiday of November 8.

What do the omens for November 21 say?

Signs for November 21 / photo pixabay

According to the signs of the day, they looked at what the weather and spring would be like:

  • fog in the morning – thaw will come soon;
  • it snowed in the morning – Easter will be the same;
  • snow with rain on this day – wait for spring rain.

In the national calendar, November 21 is the holiday of Introduction, Tretya Prechistaya. This day was traditionally associated with the onset of winter: “Introduction came – brought winter.”

What not to do on November 21

There are a number of prohibitions on the big religious holiday. What can’t be done today:

  • engage in hard work – if possible, devote this time to prayer and spiritual thoughts;
  • sew, embroider, clean, wash, do other household chores;
  • swear, quarrel and drink alcohol;
  • fussing, hurrying and hurrying – it is believed that whoever is in a hurry will not make it all the way.

According to folk signs, on this day in no case should you lend money to anyone – this promises poverty in the coming months.

What can be done on November 21

On this holiday, it is good to go to the temple, light a candle and pray. At the Mother of God they ask for health, protection and patronage, they pray for healing from various diseases, for help, for strengthening faith, for forgiveness of sins, for a successful marriage.

At the Introduction, children are also taken to the church for their first confession – according to the Orthodox tradition, they begin to confess at the age of seven. After the service, the godparents give gifts to their godchildren and treat them with sweets.

The day is considered good for making deals and sales. In the old days, it was believed that winter at this time is driven by sleds, so they tried to put their sleds in order before the Introduction – the day before, it would be good for motorists to change their summer tires to winter tires.

The Christmas fast continues, but on this big holiday those who fast are allowed hot food with lean butter, fish and a little wine.

November 21 – name day today

Pavel, Aleksey, Vladimir, Nikolay, Ada celebrate their birthdays today according to the church calendar.

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