What is the Night of Power? What happened on the Night of Power?

What is the Night of Power?  What happened on the Night of Power?




The Night of Power, which is stated in the Holy Quran to be “better than a thousand months”, will be celebrated on April 5 in 2024. The importance and meaning of the Night of Power has become one of the topics that Muslims focus on as we enter the last days of Ramadan. This holy night, which is accepted as “the holy night when the gates of heaven are opened and prayers and repentance are accepted”, will be a night of spiritual opportunity with abundant grace, dignity, prosperity and abundance.


The word Kadir means “power, honor, judgment, value” in the dictionary. According to Islamic belief, the Night of Power is a very sacred night that takes place in the last ten days of Ramadan, which is accepted as the night when the Holy Quran began to be sent down. This night, described in the Holy Quran as “better than a thousand months”, has great importance for Muslims. Although it is not known exactly which night the Night of Power is, it is generally thought to be the 27th night of Ramadan.

It is believed that on this night, God’s mercy, forgiveness and grace are abundant and prayers are accepted. Muslims spend this night reading the Quran, praying, praying and repenting. In order to benefit from the virtue of the Night of Power, Muslims implement a more intense worship and prayer program, especially in the last ten days of Ramadan, in order to realize the night. This special night is also seen as an opportunity for inner reflection, self-evaluation and spiritual purification.

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