What’s in the UN current products this week? UN 1 March 2024 catalog

What’s in the UN current products this week?  UN 1 March 2024 catalog


Campaign products of the UN 1 March 2024 current catalog were introduced. This week at the UN; Dozens of products, from televisions to vacuum cleaners, from Stanley thermoses to pajamas and tracksuits, from Ktahya porcelain sets to mobile phones, will be offered for sale at a discount. “Gold rim” products occupy a large place in the UN current products catalog this Friday. So what else is happening at the UN this week? Here is the BM 1 March 2024 current products catalogue.


There are great products in the Technology group at the UN this Friday. BM current products dated Friday, March 1 are on the first page of the catalogue; LG 55 n 4K Smart Nanocell TV 20,999 TL, DJTSU 50 n stands out with its exxen, netflix, youtube and premium video 4K ultra HD features that allow you to install the application you want with its built-in wifi, bluetooth and satellite receiver android transmission system with a 2-year warranty under the DJTSU brand. UHD Android Led TV is available for 9,499 TL.

There are great discounts on the deal products prepared for Friday this week at the UN. Skyjet MX25 20″ Electric Bicycle 12,999 TL, Stanley Mug Thermos 899 TL, 6.5 inch screen, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory, Tecno Spark GO 2024 Mobile Phone with dual SIM cards 5,799 TL, Everest Wireless Mouse 99 TL, Blaupunkt S10 Robotmaster Smart Robot Sprge will be available for sale for 7,999 TL.Among the opportunity products in the current catalog prepared for this week at BM, customers are presented with wonderful products in the Electronics group. Polosmart Smart Bracelet will be available to you as of Friday this week, with prices of 179 TL, Polosmart TWS Headphones for 249 TL, and Polosmart Ikl Selfie Stick for 99 TL.The electronic products in the UN 1 March current products catalog do not end there. Heifer Mega Robot Blender Set 999 TL, Kumtel Mini Frn 1,099 TL, Fakir Range Ay Machine with brand assurance 999 TL, Range Trk Coffee Machine 899 TL, Range Vertical Electric Vacuum Cleaner 899 TL, Fakir Dust Bagless Electric Vacuum Cleaner Atria 2,499 TL, Onvo Digital Toaster The machine will take its place in discount shelves for 2599 TL.March 1, 2024 On another page of the BM current products catalogue, we find wonderful products in the accessories group. Under the Naturalove brand, Glitter Peeboard will be sold for 7.5 TL, Pelu bag for 219 TL, Glitter Small Basket for 65 TL, Glitter Coasters for 15.50 TL, Glitter Placemat for 65 TL, Sleeve bag for 149 TL, Wallet for 95 TL.

This week at the UN; Wee Glass Feeding Bottle Set 119 TL, Wee Anticolic Non-Spill Cup 89 TL, Wee Mini Glass Drinking Cup 44.50 TL, Bebsi Mother St Storage Box 29.50 TL, Breast Pad 49.50 TL, Baby Combed Cotton Elastic Purgatory 85 TL, Little Wipe It will be available in the discount sections at BM this Friday, with a price of 25.50 TL, Babyce Printed Filled Bedding for 39.50 TL, and Baby Duvet Cover set for 169 TL.

Glassware and Kitchen products in the current products catalog in BM; Gold Rim Merubat Glass 99 TL, RAKLE Gold Rim Coffee Side Glass 139 TL, RAKLE 3′ Rim Glass Boat Plate 139 TL, RAKLE 3′ Gold Rim Water Bar 89 TL, Ocean Gold Hanging Cup Holder-Floor Towel Holder types 97.50 TL , Ocean Gold Peete Bowl-Nihale-Kaklk attracts attention with its price of 107.50 TL, and Orkide Sakss with its price of 39.50 TL.

In addition to the culinary products prepared within the scope of glassware at BM; Gold Colored Metal Flowerpot 109 TL, Ktahya Porcelain Single Plate assortment 37.50 TL, Soufflé Bowl 27.50 TL, Bowl 85 TL, Wok Pan 219 TL, Round Tray 179 TL, Amboss Paste Pan 359 TL, Keke Kalb 239 TL, Berlin Large The deep pot will be offered for sale at a price of 499 TL, and the Adjustable Drawer and Kaklk will be offered for sale at a price of 49.50 TL.

Another striking product group of the UN March 1 Catalog is Textiles and Clothing. Printed Cushion 44.50 TL, Printed Table Mat 79 TL, Women’s Pajama Set 219 TL, Women’s Sweatsuit Bottom 99 TL, Men’s Sweatsuit Bottom 99 TL, Men’s Pajama Set 219 TL, Electric Double Blanket 299 TL, Towel Head Cap 39.50 TL, Girls-Boys Sports Shoes will be 259 TL, Letoon Women’s Shoes will be 369 TL.


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