When do 2023 classes end?

When do 2023 classes end?

He 2023 school year will end soon throughout the country and some families are already wondering when do classes end in Argentina to plan summer vacations.

Both the beginning and the completion of classes It is a decision made by each jurisdiction, so the dates usually vary from province to province. This year, the territory that will leave the classrooms first is Jujuy and it will be the next December 14. Meanwhile, the students from the province of Buenos Aires will be the last: on December 26.

The 2023 school year will end soon throughout the country and some families are already wondering when classes will end to plan vacations

According to what was established by the Ministry of Education, classes across the country end on the following dates in 2023:

When do 2024 classes begin in CABAIgnacio Sanchez

He Buenos Aires Ministry of Education determined for 2024 a calendar that will have 191 days of classes, 11 more than required. In order to comply with the calendar, the initial and primary level will begin Classes on February 26 and will end on December 20.

On the other hand the secondary level in all its modalities will begin on March 4 due to the exam tables for those students who have to take subjects at the end of February. For their part, teachers will return to educational establishments starting in February to plan, train and conduct team meetings. On February 7, administrators and teachers will return to schools to plan, train and hold team meetings.

In the Buenos Aires province The school calendar in 2024 has not yet been determined. Once the Federal Council of Education define the dates, you will inform it officially.

For its part, Cordova the school year will begin on Monday, February 26 for the different levels and modalities of compulsory general education. The school calendar will be extended for 192 days until December 13 and the winter holidays will be between July 8 and 19.

The teachers and directors of Córdoba will return to the classrooms on February 15. That same day and the 16th will be dedicated to institutional self-assessment and the pedagogical organization planning workshop. From February 19 to 23, the equivalent prior and free exams will be taken. On the 23rd and 24th, “the adaptation period for students who enter the initial, primary and secondary level for the first time” will be fulfilled. Meanwhile, for colloquiums and previous and equivalent exams during December, the stipulated dates are from the 17th to the 27th of that month.


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