When Putin gives an interview to an American host: professional or propaganda tool?

When Putin gives an interview to an American host: professional or propaganda tool?

It was a two-hour interview that went viral around the world last week.

Because of President Vladimir Russia’s Putin opened the Kremlin for an interview with Tucker Carlson, the famous former host of Fox News, in Moscow on February 6.

In just 48 hours, Tucker Carson’s website reached 100 million views.

And on the X platform, there are more than 150 million viewers.

I believe that until today, this number will probably reach more than 200-300 million views.

Because both Putin and Tucker’s loyal fans are a must-see.

And those who oppose Putin and are annoyed (or envious) of the hot host must go and find fault.

The interview opens with the first half hour recounting the long history of how Ukraine was once part of the Soviet Union.

People like to say it was the first time they heard Putin describe the history of the Soviet Union, explaining why it had to go to war with Ukraine.

Opponents say the host was taught a boring, repetitive and false history by Putin.

But no matter what anyone believes This interview will become a topic of heated discussion for a long time to come.

Soon there was a fierce debate from former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Putin said in an interview that Johnson was the one who undermined Ukrainian peace.

Putin said that at one point there was almost a truce in Ukraine. But this former British Prime Minister intervened. Provoking the Ukrainian leadership until the war has continued until today.

Tucker opens the game by announcing that he went to interview Putin because he’s a news reporter who needs to hear every side.

But mainstream US and Western media are biased. No attempt was ever made to interview the Russian leader. causing only distorted content

Tucker says that most Western media is “Propaganda tools” of state power

That’s it, media giants like BBC, CNN and others came out and slammed Tucker.

Because each media outlet claims to have contacted Putin to interview him since the outbreak of the Ukraine war two years ago.

But the Russian leader has never once agreed to an interview.

The media responded that Tucker was the one who acted like he was. Putin’s “propaganda tool”

who used to have a harsh and aggressive attitude in answering questions to those being interviewed But only when meeting Putin Don’t dare to wash, don’t dare to ask. Let Putin talk about history for more than the first 30 minutes of the interview.

It’s like saying that you went from a ferocious tiger to a feral cat or something like that.

Putin and Tucker’s opponents took issue with everything Putin said. and asks why Tucker doesn’t ask questions that people want to know the answer to, such as

Did Russian soldiers commit atrocities in Ukraine?

Why did Putin order the evacuation of Ukrainian children to Russia without the consent of the children and their parents?

What does Putin think about his arrest being issued by the International Criminal Court on charges of being “War criminals”?

There was a question that a famous Russian host would come to interview President Joe. Is this the same for Biden?

It has become a hot topic that will affect the relationship between the United States and Russia.

and undeniably alludes to China, Europe, and the world order as a whole.

It can be said that it was a direct punching match against the United States, without any consideration for each other.

The BBC even released a report analyzing what Putin “lies” about.

At one point Putin said he had told Ukrainian President Zelensky:

“Why do you support neo-Nazis in Ukraine when your father fought against the Nazis during World War II?”

Many Western media outlets have pointed out that Zelensky’s father was born two years after the end of the war.

Therefore, it was impossible for him to join the war with Nazi Germany.

That was one of the “lie-catching” points of Western media and academics who saw that the host was not sharp and courageous enough to contradict Putin in the Q&A that day.

Because the interview started Putin then broke Tucker’s sentence with the sentence:

“This isn’t a Talk Show, this is going to be a serious conversation…”

It’s like setting rules for this famous host like we’ve never seen before.

Even when interviewing Donald Trump, Tucker never had to make such concessions.

Please follow the content of the interview in detail in the coming days.

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