[When the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization is in progress? Tianjin’s new rural economy tour]When pulling out the carrot?? The “earth flavor” live broadcast of Xiqing Xiangyu Farm opens up a new industry track

[When the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization is in progress? Tianjin’s new rural economy tour]When pulling out the carrot?? The “earth flavor” live broadcast of Xiqing Xiangyu Farm opens up a new industry track

Interview notes

On the banks of the South Canal, in the sandy land of Xiaoshawo Village, Xiqing District, there is a famous specialty – Shawo radish. They don’t look amazing, but they are exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Japan and other regions as Tianjin’s unique traditional export commodities. Fresh and juicy, with plenty of water and no residue, Shawo radish has conquered the taste buds of many diners by virtue of its unique taste and has become a “Jinnong boutique”. The “Shawo radish planting and cellaring” technology has also been selected into the second batch of intangible materials in Tianjin. Cultural Heritage List.

Xiqing specialty Shawo radish

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Tianjin Northern Network News:Speaking of Xiqingshawo radish, we have to mention “Shawo Lao Guo” Guo Zhizhen. Walking into the radish field of Xiqing Xiangyu Family Farm, the first crop of Shawo radish has ushered in the harvest season. With a shed, a table, and a few strings of ambient lights, the farm manager Guo Zhizhen is recommending the specialties of his hometown to diners across the country through live broadcast. “Hello friends, the anchor in front of you is ‘Shawo Carrot Lao Guo’.”

From the earliest days of self-promotion by riding a bicycle to now establishing a family farm, Lao Guo has sold Shawo radish to all parts of the country step by step with the help of live broadcasts on e-commerce platforms. Xiangyu Family Farm now achieves an annual sales income of more than 3 million yuan, driving more than 100 surrounding farmers and family farms to become rich together, and also promoting the integrated development of local primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

“I love this land. In the future, we will continue to cultivate radish in a down-to-earth manner. We will rely on Shawo radish to make our way to wealth and let more people know about Shawo radish and like Shawo radish.” Lao Guo said about the future. Full of confidence.

Planting passed down through three generations

“Shawo Lao Guo” Guo Zhizhen introduces his new variety of Shawo radish

Jiuhe Xiashao Tianjin Wei. Tianjin has crisscrossed rivers and fertile soil. Relying on Tianjin’s prosperous water transport terminal, a beautiful poem was left behind, “Using the fertile soil of lychees transported by water to cultivate Qingshawo radish”. According to the “Jinghai County Chronicle” reprinted in Ming and Qing Dynasties in 1934: There are two types of water radish: red and green. The red ones are sown in spring and harvested in summer, and the green ones are sown in summer and harvested in autumn. It can be seen from this record that during the Qing Dynasty, the superiority of Shawo radish was already very prominent. In 1970, when Premier Zhou Enlai visited North Korea, he gave 1 kilogram of “Shawo Radish” seeds as a national gift to the then North Korean leader Kim Il Sung. The small seeds became a testimony of the friendship between the two countries and became a favorite among Tianjin people. proud. For more than 600 years, Shawo Radish has been favored, and now it is the leader among time-honored brands in Tianjin.

Almost every household in Xiaoshawo Village grows radishes, but when it comes to mechanized planting and the “pathfinder” of the “Internet + sales” model, it is Guo Zhizhen. “My father used to be a technician in the production brigade and participated in the Shawo radish seed purification and rejuvenation project in the 1980s. My son returned from studying abroad in 2011 and joined the family’s radish industry, mainly responsible for online sales.” mentioned his radish seeds. Guo Zhizhen couldn’t hide his excitement about his career.

At first, Guo Zhizhen, like other villagers, grew his own radishes and waited for the dealers to harvest them. As sales increased, Lao Guo applied to establish a Shawo radish sales center, obtained a business license, and registered the “Jinnong” trademark for radish. Later, Lao Guo teamed up with seven other villagers to establish a professional cooperative, forming a unified production, processing, packaging, and sales chain, which continued to attract surrounding farmers to join in, and the reputation of “Shawo Lao Guo” became more and more famous.

Lao Guo is a person who likes to study. At the end of 2007, when he realized that the surrounding areas could no longer “digest” the village’s radish production, Lao Guo came up with a new idea: selling radishes on his blog. “I posted photos of radish seed selection, planting, maintenance, harvesting and identification on the blog, and also left my contact information.” He was not very good at typing, but he typed word by word, and actually waited for the order at home.

At that time, many farmers were still selling radishes on the roadside, but Lao Guo’s ordering phone was always busy. This attempt made Lao Guo the first person to “sell radishes online” in Xiaoshawo Village.

Take the e-commerce express live broadcast to deliver goods

Guo Zhizhen’s radish planting live broadcast base

Lao Guo’s son Guo Shaoxiang is an authentic “post-90s generation”. After returning from studying abroad in 2011, he joined the radish industry. In his words, “I never thought about doing other jobs.” With the addition of his son, Lao Guo’s cooperative also changed its name to Xiangyu Family Farm in Xiqing District. The “Carrot Classic” also has fresh business ideas and new motivation.

“We created the ‘family farm + order farmers’ production and operation model and vigorously developed order agriculture. We made full use of online sales and opened a live broadcast platform to directly connect products with consumers. At the same time, we combined rural tourism resources to vigorously develop a field picking sales model. The annual sales volume of Xiangyu Farm’s Shawo radish and various vegetables reaches more than 1 million kilograms, with annual sales revenue of more than 3 million yuan and an annual surplus of about 400,000 yuan,” Guo Shaoxiang said.

The son is very capable and manages the property very well. Lao Guo has more free time. The popularity of short video platforms in recent years has given Lao Guo, who has been growing radish for more than 30 years, some new ideas. Every morning when Lao Guo goes to the field to take care of the radishes, he takes a short video with his mobile phone to share the knowledge of radish cultivation and introduce the history of Shawo radish… With the release of short videos, Lao Guo becomes more and more popular on the Internet. , netizens from all over the country began to send him private messages on the platform to buy radishes. At the suggestion of netizens, he began to try live broadcasting, and since then he has opened up a new channel for selling radish. “This is a mobile phone screen magnifier. It’s easy to read fan messages with it. It’s a fill light. It’s enough light to make the carrot look handsome. I hung an ambient light on the shelf. The live broadcast at night is particularly beautiful…” Old Guo enthusiastically introduced his live broadcast equipment. Nowadays, Lao Guo spends nearly 8 hours live broadcasting every time. When he first started live broadcasting, it was purely to chat with his favorite netizens. As the number of fans increases, in addition to a sense of accomplishment, Lao Guo has a greater sense of responsibility and mission. Even if there is only one person in the live broadcast room, he will not go offline, just to “stick” the fans. “I am a very diligent person. I think about how to make the live broadcast better every day. Now I am getting more and more experienced. I can judge what a netizen does and what his personality is based on his name. You have to understand the needs of netizens to accurately promote our home. Radish, are you right? There are some southern netizens who don’t know how to eat our radishes, so I’ll tell them how to make them and how to store them. I’ve been growing radishes for 30 years and I can’t let netizens ask me if I’m going to eat them.” Lao Guo said with a smile. .

Guo Zhizhen’s live broadcast selling radish

In the early days, Lao Guo’s customers were mainly from the north, especially Beijing and Tianjin. For southerners, eating raw green radish is not an easy thing to accept. “Southerners are more accustomed to using green radish for cooking and making soup, but now more and more southerners have accepted eating raw radish.” , I have been shipping to customers in Shanghai for 10 years, as well as in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and all over the country.”

Why is the brand “Shawo Laoguo” becoming more and more famous? In Guo Zhizhen’s view, “integrity” is the most important thing. The earliest customers he accumulated from selling radish were Lao Guo Feng who slept in the open and drove across the country. He knew the importance of being sincere to his customers. He also applied this sincerity to the online live broadcast platform. “When you watch the live broadcast, you can’t taste it, you can only see it. So I will tell you the taste of radish realistically now, and I will also send some free tasting radish to some netizens to let them talk about their eating experience. When I live broadcast They always seek truth from facts and tell everyone that the radishes they received are not delicious, so you can return them to me and I will pay for the postage.” It is this sincerity that makes Lao Guo not only have a low return rate, but also have more and more fans. Now, the number of fans has increased from more than 4,000 last year to more than 20,000. Lao Guo said that online live broadcast sales can now account for 60 to 70% of his total sales.

Technology helps strengthen radish “chips”

Seeds are the “chips” of agriculture. The quality of seeds directly affects the yield and quality of crops. For Lao Guo, live streaming is just a formality, and the product quality of Shawo Radish is the key. In order to improve the quality and taste of Shawo radish, Lao Guo invited experts from the Vegetable Research Institute of the Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences to teach villagers in various aspects such as seed selection, cultivation, field management, and cellaring, and strive to grow according to different market needs. Shawo radish with different tastes.

In 2019, with the help of the Xiqing District Government, the seeds of Xiqing Shawo radish were buried for the first time in the sandy soil of Jingtai County, Baiyin City, Gansu Province.

“Next, we need to make efforts in science and technology. Currently, we have introduced ground irrigation technology, and in the future we will also introduce drones and advanced and applicable new agricultural mechanization technologies.” Lao Guo said.

“Selling the specialties of his hometown to the whole world” – this is Lao Guo’s biggest dream.

Interview conversation:

China Well-off Network: When it comes to Xiqingshawo radish, everyone knows “Shawo Lao Guo”. How does the cooperative play a leading role in demonstrating?

Guo Shaoxiang: Our cooperative vigorously develops the “family farm + order farmers” production and operation model in a way where farmers plant and the farm is responsible for sales. Actively promote standardized production, stimulate the enthusiasm of surrounding farmers in production, and increase farmers’ income. Before the start of the new production season, Xiangyu Farm signs production agreements with farmers and units interested in production cooperation. At the same time, farmers must strictly follow Xiangyu Farm’s standardized production procedures for production. The Shawo radish produced by the farm purchase order farmers and units is of uniform quality, good character, unified packaging, and unified brand. Consolidate land through land transfer and long-term leasing to carry out facility base construction. Currently, 50 acres of land are integrated. A standardized base for Shawo Radish’s new energy-saving greenhouse covering an area of ​​30 acres and a total of 40 buildings has been built.

China Well-off Network: Which e-commerce platforms does the cooperative have established cooperative relationships with at present?

Guo Shaoxiang: Xiangyu Farm has cooperated with many well-known websites such as Taobao, Pinduoduo, JD.com, and released product sales videos on Douyin and Kuaishou. In 2022, a live broadcast platform will be opened on Douyin to directly connect products with consumers, making it more convenient and faster for consumers to purchase products. Shawo radish is sold all over the country. During the live broadcast, more than 1,000 boxes of Shawo radish were sold at most in one day, with sales reaching more than 40,000 yuan.

chinaxiaokang.com: After years of live broadcasting, what are your current thoughts on this sales channel?

Guo Zhizhen: I must seize this wave of dividends from the Internet. Through live broadcast, I can not only sell radishes, but also let netizens across the country see Tianjin’s high-quality specialties, see the face of farmers in the new era, and see the changes in agricultural planting methods. I feel very proud.

China Xiaokang.com: This year, we have just been awarded the 2023 “Typical Figures in the Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovation Pioneer List” and the 2022 Rural Industry Revitalization Leaders Cultivation “Touyan” project. As a “new farmer” born in the 1990s, what are your thoughts?

Guo Shaoxiang: It was very touching to me that my father started live broadcasting. Now he is even more tired and busy. At such an old age, my father is still studying planting techniques, planting varieties, and thinking about new sales methods. As young people, we should do better than our father!

(Fu Yongjun, editor of Jinyun News)


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