When the loyal betray Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper

When the loyal betray  Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper

One of the ugliest human feelings that a person may experience is the feeling of betrayal, and betrayal is an act based on violating trust and destroying trust, followed by painful negative feelings such as shock, sadness, and a feeling of betrayal and neglect, all of which would destroy the party who was betrayed, whether it was a husband, wife, friend, or co-worker. Or whatever. The problem is not in betrayal per se, but in not expecting it at all from a specific person. Any human relationship, no matter how perfect its parties think it is, is inevitably incomplete, but absolute trust, idealism, and raising the ceiling of expectations are what give it this extreme, perfectionist view. In that call, in which I listened to a wife whose husband had betrayed her, speaking with a trembling voice and successive gasps, as a natural reaction for a woman who lived through the bitter and the bitter with a husband with whom she shared life step by step with all its beautiful and painful situations and moments, then she discovered in the end that he was married and had a daughter, a recurring story in every… A place and time until we began to treat its characters with pity, then we begin to blame the wife who trusted her husband absolutely, and then we forget about it until we hear another similar story, so we become cold and tired of the whole thing, as if it does not concern us. We have become accustomed to these betrayals until we are bored.
I don’t know why some people feel that they are immune to such stories? It cannot happen to them even if it happened and they experienced shock and pain and collapsed psychologically. Here they begin to be careful about choosing those around them and not raising their expectations and not completely merging with the other party.
You are not required to be suspicious, suspicious, or isolated and do not trust anyone, but on the other hand, be rational in dealing with those around you and do not be impulsive in your feelings, giving, and sacrifices in any relationship of any kind, and do not harness your time, effort, and health to such a degree that it costs In which you are beyond your capacity for the sake of a husband, child, or friend, do not be ashamed to document financial matters so that your loss is not doubled, and always keep your expectations moderate in your relationships so that you do not suddenly become one of the victims of the Trojan Horse, and be defeated in the midst of celebrating your victories, and here the pain is bitter. And doubly and painfully.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez says: “Betrayal is like a poison. It gradually enters and corrupts the body and soul.”
Those traitors who we thought were loyal spoiled the beauty of life, but the truth is that we were the ones who helped them do that when we gave them trust they did not deserve!


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