When the war in Ukraine ends – Kaya Kallas urged not to reduce military aid

When the war in Ukraine ends – Kaya Kallas urged not to reduce military aid

The Prime Minister of Estonia, Kaya Kallas, has once again called on Ukraine’s Western partners to provide it with the weapons it needs in the war with the Russian Federation. After all, this struggle will continue until the Russian aggressor realizes that he cannot win.

The politician said this in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Der Standard. She answered the question whether 2024 will be decisive in the fate of the Ukrainian state.

“The war is still going on. We must not fall into various traps. It is a mistake to believe that the war can be won quickly. Russia is preparing for a long period. The war will continue until it understands that it cannot win,” Kallas said. .

According to her, one of the pitfalls is that it is ostensibly possible to agree on peace. In her opinion, if she agrees to the capture of the territory by the occupiers, the needs of the Russian Federation will be satisfied.

“It is not true that everything will suddenly become peaceful after this,” the head of the Estonian government is convinced.

She called fears and fears of “greater provocation” of Russia as the second traps. The politician emphasized that the Kremlin is just playing with fear.

“The trap lies in ourselves – if we say that our measures will only provoke the Russians even more. Everything happens the other way around: Russia is provoked by weakness, not strength,” Kallas said.

She noted that the decisive issue for the war is the availability of a sufficient amount of ammunition. That is why the partners decided to provide Ukraine with 1 million artillery shells. And in general, in my opinion, since the West is stronger, it should help Ukraine protect itself and give it what it needs.

“We should believe in Ukraine’s victory, not that Russia will win anyway. Russia wants us to believe that Ukraine cannot win, so that we stop supporting it,” Kallas said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the Prime Minister of Estonia previously noted that the military strength of the states that are part of the coalition supporting Ukraine is 13 times greater than that of Russia. Therefore, if the partners provide Kyiv with at least 0.25% of their GDP, this will create a turning point in the war and ensure victory for the Ukrainians.

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