When the war in Ukraine will end: an expert’s forecast

When the war in Ukraine will end: an expert’s forecast

If Ukraine and Russia have resources, the war can continue until 2035. Photo: illustrative

Ukrainians must adapt to life in war conditions.

After all, if Ukraine and Russia have resources, the war can continue until 2035. This opinion was expressed by a political expert and journalist Vitaly Portnikov on the air “Speaks Great Lviv”.

“In a warring country, people must adapt to the real situation. People must adapt to the war. If suddenly military actions end very quickly, and the faster they end, the more difficult their result will be for Ukrainian society,” he noted.

But peace, no matter how it comes, will be a pleasant bonus for Ukrainians, Portnikov added.

“Adapting and living in war for Ukrainians is a very important moment in a situation when peace becomes a theory. War was once a theory. Now for Ukrainian citizens, theory is a peaceful life,” explained the journalist.

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Portnikov also predicted when the war might end.

The Ukrainian journalist told how at the beginning of the full-scale war he talked with Western partners, and they predicted that the war would continue, as in Syria. However, he noted that everything depends on resources.

“We can confidently talk about the year 2033-2035, when the parties will understand the end of the situation. But I am sure that there will not be enough resources for such a long war, and soon we will meet with such a variant of the end of the war, which can shake both the Russians and Ukrainians,” he explained.

Portnikov noted that at first Ukrainians were convinced that the war would soon end due to disrespect and incompetence.

“I don’t mean the government, but those speakers who calmed down. Many say – and it’s good, because that way we would go crazy. But I want to ask – what difference does it make at what point we end up in a mental hospital? February or March last year 2025 or February-March 2025, because when we are not ready for tests, the psyche breaks down,” he said.

If Russia defeats Ukraine in the war, the most problems will be for our neighboring countries.

First of all, for Moldova, which Russia may occupy next. This opinion was expressed by the military-political observer of the “Information Resistance” group in an interview with TSN.ua Alexander Kovalenko.

According to him, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia may also suffer.


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