where almost 70 millimeters fell

where almost 70 millimeters fell

The north and east of Córdoba were the areas of Córdoba that benefited most from Tuesday’s rains. According to different records, rainfall was very uneven in the province. While in Colonia Caroya, Colón department, 69 millimeters fell, in sectors such as La Carlota (Juárz Celman department) no rain was recorded.

The San Justo department, in the east of the province, had records of up to 61 millimeters.

Rains in Córdoba
Rains in Córdoba

To the southeast, in the Unión and Marcos Juárez departments, rains were very scarce, as well as in the Río Cuarto and Presidente Roque Sáenz Peña departments.

The highest rainfall in Córdoba this Tuesday

  • Colonia Caroya (Colón department) 69 millimeters
  • Saturnino Laspiur (San Justo department) 61.2 millimeters
  • Las Varillas (San Justo department)
  • El Fortín (San Justo department) 53 millimeters
  • Alicia (San Justo department) 41.8 millimeters
  • Jesús María (Colón department) 39.2 millimeters
  • Ascochinga (Colón department) 37 millimeters
  • Colonia Prosperidad (San Justo department) 24.4 millimeters
  • San Francisco (San Justo department) 20.2 millimeters
  • Villa del Totoral (Totoral department) 18.8 millimeters


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